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Can you name the Biggest Hollywood sex symbols of the 20th century?

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peak decadeactor/actress/modelclue
1980s 90scatapulted to fame dancing in jockey briefs
1970s 80sgolden boy
1960sgyrated his way to stardom
1950s 60sthose blue eyes
1990sonce with gwyneth then jennifer then ang....
1980smost famous shadow strip-tease
1930sgerman beau
1930sshe's no angel
1960s 70sso cooool
1990sher face once compared to liz's
1920sthe 'it' girl
1970sbroke out on tv's Peyton's place
1990stom helped her career but proved her talent
1990sbroke out as a lifeguard on tv
1940s 50sdiscovered in ice cream parlor
1970stook sean's place
1940sbig time swashbuckler
1960s 70siconic pose in animal-skin bikini
1980suptown girl
1990sled the top model group
1970s'most beautiful in the world'
1960siconic bond girl
peak decadeactor/actress/modelclue
1970sposing nude catapulted him
1990s1993 playmate of the year
1960spoet singer buried in paris
1950s 60sthe king
1930splatinum blonde bombshell
1980s 90sfrom n.y to sydney to l.a
1980sonce named by 'People' as sexiest man alive
1960sitalian legendary beau
1940smillion dollar legs
1990samerican gigolo's woman later on the big screen
1940s 50smega popular with the u.s military
1950sleft sinatra for hemingway
1940smarried a prince once
1970svegas gal who starred opposite the king in 'viva las vegas'
1950smost famous rebel
1920s1st Hollywood 'latin lover'
1990sbroke out in 'no way out'
1980s 90salways the good guy except opposite michelle
1990severyone looked when she crossed her legs
1950s 60steeny-bop idol
1970sthe pepsodent smile, the mane, the poster
peak decadeactor/actress/modelclue
1930s 40she doesn't give a damn
1940shairdo craze
1950s 60s 70she 'coulda been a contender'
1960s 70s one dimensional roles
1980s 90sturned down 'pretty woman' role
1970squintessential swimsuit model
1980snothing came between her & her calvins
1980stv series heartthrob
1950smm's copy
1970sbroke out as 'vinnie'
1950s 60snot even cleopatra got married so many times
1960s 70she's so vain
1960s 70s'james'
1990sfrench actress look alike
1990sonce richard gere's main squeeze
1980s 90smost famous smirk on tv
1950sthe ultimate one
1950s 60sfrench beau
1980snaughty boy with videotape
1980s 90sdebbie harry sang to call him

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