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Can you name the Can you name the Book of Mormon book (Alma and Helaman) and chapter number by its chapter heading??

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HeadingBook and chapter
The sons of Mosiah split up and start their missions; Ammon cuts off the arms of the Lamanites
Many Nephites migrate northward and build houses of cement; Nephi the son of Helaman becomes chief judge
Alma chastises Corianton for his sexual sin that hindered Alma's missionary efforts; Alma testifies of the atonement
Nephi is rejected in the north and returns to Zarahemlah; he prays upon his garden tower and calls the people to repentance
Moroni again writes to Pahoran and demands strength to his armies or else he'll come fight the government himself
Zoramites who are converted are cast out and join the people of Ammon in Jershon
Alma commands the people of Ammonihah to repent; he prophesies of Christ's coming
Men are unstable and foolish and quick to do evil; the nothingness of men is compared with the power of God
Helaman writes to Moroni telling of the miraculous victory of the stripling warriors; not one is slain
Alma desires to cry repentance with angelic zeal; the Lord grants teachers for all nations
The seed of the priests of Noah perish as prophesied by Abinadi; many more Lamanites are converted and join the people of Anti-Nephi-Lehi
Aaron teaches and converts Lamoni's father and the rest of his household; division of Nephite and Lamanite lands is discussed
Amalickiah uses treachery, murder and intrigue to become king of the Lamanites
The Lord commands Ammon to move the Anti-Nephi-Lehies to safety; Ammon and the sons of Mosiah reunite with Alma
Alma contends with Zeezrom; the mysteries of God are only given to the faithful; men are judged according to their thoughts, beliefs, words and works
Pahoran writes to Moroni and tells him of the insurrection of the government; he asks Moroni to help take down the king-men rebels
Alma prophesies to Helaman about the destruction of the Nephites; he blesses and curses the land and is taken up into heaven
Lamanites destroy Ammonihah; Alma and Amulek teach many, and prophesy that Christ will visit the Nephites
Messengers find the chief judge dead at the judgment seat; Nephi receives inspiration and identifies Seantum as the murderer
Moroni fortifies Nephite lands and builds new cities; Morianton and his followers are defeated by Teancum
Alma gives 'personal interview' questions to the people; he shares his testimony which he obtained through fasting and prayer
The church in Zarahemla is cleansed and set in order; Alma goes to Gideon to preach
Samuel the Lamanite prophesies the destruction of the Nephites
Alma quotes the ancient prophets Zenos, Zenock and Moses when teaching the Zoramites
Alma and Amulek are imprisoned and smitten; the believers and scriptures are burned; the prison walls rend and fall; Alma and Amulek are safe while their persecutors are killed
Amulek recounts his angelic vision to take in Alma; unrighteous judges and lawyers lay the foundation of the people's destruction
Ammon teaches King Lamoni the principles of the gospel; Lamoni falls as if he is dead
HeadingBook and chapter
Ammoron succeeds Amalickiah as king of the Lamanites; Jacob the Lamanite is slain
Korihor the anti-Christ convinces many to fall away; he is struck dumb when asking for a sign and is trampled to death
Alma and his sons continue to preach the word; the Lamanites attack the Nephites but Alma receives revelation about their strategy; Moroni and Lehi win the battle
The Nephites who believe Samuel are baptized by Nephi; Samuel cannot be hit by the stones or arrows of his enemies
Alma teaches Helaman of the importance of scriptures in keeping the people in righteousness; he compares the scriptures to the Liahona
Amlici seeks to be king and is rejected by the people's vote; he makes alliance with the Lamanites and battles the Nephites; he is slain in battle
Amulek testifies of Christ and the atonement and teaches the Zoramites to pray
Moroni and Ammoron exchange epistles in bargaining over a prisoner exchange
Moroni asks Pahoran for strength to Helaman's armies; the Lamanites take the city Nephihah because of the wickedness of the Nephites
Helaman recounts the taking of the city Antiparrah; all the stripling warriors are wounded but none are slain
Amlicites marked themselves and fulfilled prophecy; the Nephites again defeat the Lamanite army
Alma and his companions go on a mission to reclaim the apostate Zoramites; they find them offering rote prayers atop the rameumptom
Amalickiah conspires to be king; Moroni raises the title of liberty; Amalickiah and his followers flee to the land of Nephi and unite with the Lamanites
Lamoni sees Christ and converts his whole household; Ammon is miraculously saved from death and establishes a church
Alma baptizes thousands but iniquity enters the church; Alma gives the judgment seat to Nephihah and goes on a mission to the Nephites
The Lamanites are defeated in a tremendous battle where tens of thousands are killed
Alma prophesies to the people of Gideon about Christ's birth, suffering, death and resurrection
Alma teaches Corianton that wickedness never was happiness and that we will look physically the same after being resurrected
Helaman, Gid and Teomner take the city of Manti by stratagem; the Lamanites withdraw
Alma teaches Corianton of justice and mercy by relating the fall and the atonement to him
Amulek contends with Zeezrom, explains immortality and the finality of the resurrection
The Lord chastened the Nephites because he loved them; converted Lamanites are steadfast in the faith
Nehor the anti-Christ teaches false doctrine, slays Gideon and is executed; the church prospers
Alma teaches Corianton about life after death and that all things will be restored at the resurrection
Alma is rejected in Ammonihah and leaves but an angel tells him to return; he meets Amulek and they preach there
Corrupt judges incite the people against Nephi; by inspiration Nephi announces the murder of the chief judge
Lamanite invasion is repelled by Nephites through fortifications of their cities; Amalickiah swears to drink Moroni's blood
HeadingBook and chapter
Pahoran II becomes chief judge and is murdered by Kishkumen
The Lord gives Nephi the sealing power; he commands the people to repent or perish
Samuel predicts light during the night and a new star at Christ's birth
The righteous Lamanites preach to the wicked Nephites; both peoples prosper; Gadiantons take over the government
Ammon glories in the Lord; the faithful are strengthened by the Lord and given great knowledge
Men are called as high priests because of their exceeding faith and good works; Melchizedek was one of these
Nephite dissenters join with the Lamanites and take Zarahemlah; the church dwindles and the people become weak like the Lamanites
Many Nephites travel to the land northward; Hagoth builds ships which sail the west sea; Moronihah takes over as Nephite general
Nephi persuades the Lord to replace war with famine; the people repent and Nephi asks for rain
Helaman II becomes chief judge; his servant slays Kishkumen and the Gadianton robbers flee into the wilderness
7 lands and cities of Lamanites are converted; they call themselves Anti-Nephi-Lehies
Moroni refuses Ammoron's proposal and instead gets the Lamanite guards drunk and steals the Nephite POWs
Moroni takes down the Nephite rebels and he and Pahoran re-take the city Nephihah; Teancum slays Ammoron but is immediately killed
Alma teaches the Zoramite poor; he compares the word to a seed that must be nourished
Zerahemnah rejects Moroni's peace offering and the Nephites defeat the Lamanites
Amalickiah incites the Lamanites to battle; Moroni rejoiced in liberty and was a mighty man of God
Alma instructs Shiblon to continue in righteousness and bridle all his passions
Aaron and his group who were imprisoned in Middoni are released and teach many; Lamoni grants religious freedom to his people
Alma and Amulek go to Sidom and build a church, heal Zeezrom and baptize him and many others
Lamanite POWs are used to fortify the city Bountiful; Helaman takes command of the 2,000 stripling warriors
Ammon and Lamoni go to save others in prison in Middoni and meet Lamoni's father; Ammon convinces him to release his brethren
King-men seek to set up a king; Moroni compels them to liberty or death; Teancum slays Amalickiah in his tent
The Lamanites attack the Anti-Nephi-Lehies who refuse to use weapons; more Lamanites are converted than righteous die
Nephi and Lehi make many converts, are imprisoned and fire encircles them; the earth shakes and a voice commands the multitude to repent
Alma relates his the stories of his conversion and missionary fruits to his son Helaman

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