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Can you name the Book of Mormon book (1 Nephi through Mosiah) and chapter number by its chapter heading?

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HeadingBook and chapter
Lehi's sons go back to Jerusalem to recruit Ishmael's family
The people are called by the name of Christ; King Benjamin tells them to continue in righteousness
The Jews shall reject the foundation stone; Men are reconciled with God through the atonement
Lehi's last words: he shares a prophecy by Joseph in Egypt from the brass plates about Joseph Smith and the restoration
Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah seek to destroy the church; an angel visits them and Alma is struck dumb; they are converted
Nephi prophesies of the last days: apostasy and foolish doctrine shall be rampant
Nephi prophesies of the Messianic visitation to America and the Nephites' destruction
Lehi's sons return to Jerusalem to get the brass plates
The Lamanites are more righteous than the Nephites; Jacob warns against lust and all sin
Alma preaches in private and baptizes in Mormon; he organizes the Church of Christ; they flee from King Noah
Isaiah 13 quoted
Mosiah proposes that instead of kings, judges should rule by the voice of the people; Mosiah and Alma die and Alma the younger is appointed chief judge and high priest of the churc
King Benjamin records the names of the people and appoints priests; he dies
Nephi explains the gathering of Israel and the vision of the Tree of Life to his older brothers
Isaiah 10 quoted
Isaiah 50 quoted
Isaiah 51:1-52:2 quoted
Alma believes Abinadi's words and writes them; Abinadi is burned and prophesies that his murderers will suffer likewise
Isaiah 4 quoted
The vision of the Tree of Life is shown to and interpreted for Nephi; he also sees Christ's condescension
Nephi sees in a vision his posterity and Christ among them
Lehi's sons marry Ishmael's daughters, the Liahona is given to Lehi, Nephi's bow breaks, and Ishmael dies
The Nephites separate themselves from the Lamanites; the Lamanites' skin is cursed
King Benjamin teaches his sons the language and prophecies of their fathers and chooses Mosiah as the new king
Jacob denounces pride, the love of riches, and unchastity
King Laman dies; Zeniff and his people prevail over the Lamanites
Sherem the anti-Christ causes problems among the people and then dies; the Nephites' lives pass like a dream
The Mulekites become Nephites; Alma baptizes Limhi and his people and Mosiah authorizes Alma to form the Church of God
Nephi is commanded to build a ship; Nephi commands Laman and Lemuel to not touch him
Lehi's last words: he gives a sermon about agency and opposition in all things
The ship is finished and the families set sail; Nephi is bound and a tempest rages; the party arrives safely in the promised land
Isaiah 9 quoted
HeadingBook and chapter
Enos asks and receives forgiveness of his sins; he prays for the Nephites and the Lamanites
Lehi prophesies about his seed after learning his lineage from the brass plates
Abinadi explains how Christ is the Father and the Son, that He will make an intercession, and that children are saved
Nephi exhorts us to pray always and teaches that angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost
Lehi's family leave Jerusalem
Isaiah 7 quoted
Abinadi quotes Isaiah 53
King Benjamin addresses his people and tells them to serve God
Amulon and the Lamanites find Alma and his people in Helam and put them in bondage
Nephi makes 2 sets of plates: the larger set is for temporal matters and the smaller set is for spiritual matters
The Gentiles shall nourish Israel in the latter days; Israel shall be gathered and saved; Satan shall be bound
Many Gentiles shall reject the Book of Mormon because they already have a Bible; God judges the world by its books
Jacob saw his Redeemer
Zeniff leads his people to the land of Nephi from Zarahemla and brokers a deal with the Lamanite king
Abinadi proclaims that the only way to salvation is through Christ; he exhorts the priests of Noah to teach this to the people
The sons of Mosiah shall have eternal life; they go on a mission to the Lamanites; Mosiah translates the Jaredite plates
Nephi dies and Jacob and Joseph preach to the people
Lehi sees a pillar of fire, prophesies to the people and gets persecuted
Isaiah 2 quoted
Nephi kills Laban and Lehi's sons bring the brass plates back to the family's tent
King Noah rules in wickedness; Abinadi begins prophesying against the people's sins and is cast out
Lehi prophesies of the Jews' captivity to Babylon and the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
Nephi glories in plainness; the Jews will be restored when they believe that Christ was the Messiah; Nephi explains the doctrine of Christ
Many members of the church are led into sin by unbelievers; church members who don't repent shall be excommunicated; Alma has his calling and election made sure
Abinadi says 'touch me not,' continues his sermon, and testifies of the atonement
The vision of the Tree of Life is given to Lehi
Jacob gives a sermon on Jewish history and the role of the Messiah in the future
Isaiah 6 quoted
Limhi's people escape by making the Lamanite guards drunk; they return to Zarahemla
Lehi's last words: he prophesies of the promised land and counsels his sons to be righteous
Jacob continues his sermon and prophesies that the Jews shall be scattered and smitten and that America shall be a land of liberty
Nephi makes plates from ore and prophesies of Christ's suffering and crucifixion
HeadingBook and chapter
Gideon seeks to slay King Noah; the Lamanites invade the land; King Noah is burned to death
Nephi writes of the necessity for baptism
Converted Gentiles are part of the covenant people; Israel shall be restored at the last day
Isaiah 8 quoted
Isaiah 5 quoted
Isaiah 29 quoted
The Lord makes light the burdens of Alma's people and prepares a way for their escape and return to Zarahemla
Ammon shares King Benjamin's sermon with the people of Limhi, learns of the 24 Jaredite plates, and tells them that King Mosiah can translate them
The Nephites keep the law of Moses, look forward to Christ, and prosper
King Benjamin continues his address: he prophesies of Christ's life, suffering and atonement
Isaiah 12 quoted
Ammon discovers the people of Limhi who are in bondage to the Lamanites
An angel tells Nephi about the saints being persecuted by the great and abominable church; Nephi is informed that only John can write about the end of the world
Mormon inserts the plates of Nephi into his abridgment
Isaiah 14 quoted
Isaiah 3 quoted
Lamanite daughters are abducted by the priests of Noah; the Lamanites wage a war as a result
Jacob shares Zenos' allegory of the olive tree and the gathering of Israel
Jacob gives a sermon on the atonement
Lehi dies and Nephi gives his 'psalm'
Isaiah 49 quoted
King Benjamin continues his address: he counsels the people to give to the poor
Isaiah 11 quoted
Limhi's people are smitten and defeated by the Lamanites; they meet Ammon and are converted
Abinadi returns in disguise and continues prophesying; he is imprisoned, brought before the king and teaches the people the 10 commandments
Mosiah discovers the people of Zarahemla, interprets foreign writing on a large stone, and Benjamin becomes king of the united peoples
Isaiah 48 quoted
Jacob teaches that the Lord shall recover Israel in the last days; Men must follow Christ to avoid the lake of fire and brimstone
Nephi declares his purpose as persuading men to come unto God
Nephi sees in a vision the colonization of America, and the restoration of Israel

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