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Can you name the answers to the following questions about Pluto?

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The year that Pluto was first discovered.
The name of the man who first discovered Pluto.
How many moons does Pluto have?
In 2006, Pluto was plutonized to what current designation?
What is the name of the NASA spacecraft launched in 2006 to explore the Plutonian system?
Since the barycenter of Pluto and Charon lies outside of the objects, they are often referred to by what two letter name?
Pluto is considered a part of this large region of the solar system extending from the orbit of Neptune to approximately 50 AU from the sun.
Unlike the planets of the solar system, Pluto's orbit is tilted relative to this celestial plane.
The demotion of Pluto in 2006 was made official by a resolution of this abbreviated international body.
The highest quality images of the surface of Pluto to date were generated by what object?

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