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Fez gets drunk off of this at Jackies ski Cabin
Hyde drives this type of car
The local burger joint owned by Jackies dad
The panties Donna found in Eric's car belong to this character
Apparently, Eric loves this more than Donna
Jackie gets a job at this place (more speciific than the mall)
This is the name of Hydes stripper wife
Eric gets teased about this while the gang is waiting to take their class picture
Hyde is chosen to most likely commit this in the yearbook
Donna remembers her parents having sex on one of these, especially because of the outline left on their skin
The first nickname ever given to Eric by Donna, also a tasty vegetable
Eric gets a tatoo of this on his butt
Fez dresses up as this on his first ever halloween
Fez loves this place so much he decides to get a job there
Hyde cheated on Jackie with a lady of this profession
Eric stashes his money that he will use to buy Donna an anniversary present in this spot
This person ends up paying for Donnas engagement ring
Leo tells the gang he saw a UFO once, and it told him he was going to have a _________
This is the name of the chain of record stores owned by Hydes father
According to the angel, if Eric had never kissed Donna, he would have ended up with

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