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Protagonist, from the 20th Century. Delivery boy. Many times great-uncle and great-grandfather to Professor Farnsworth.
A kleptomaniacal, cigar-smoking, heavy-drinking robot who is Fry's best friend. Built in Tijuana, Mexico, he is the Planet Express Ship's cook
Mutant cyclops. Captain of the Planet Express Ship. Love interest of Fry
Many times great-nephew and great-grandchild of Fry. CEO and owner of Planet Express delivery company. Tenured professor of Mars University.
Alien from Decapod 10. Planet Express' staff doctor and steward. Has a medical degree and Ph.D in art history.
Chinese-Martian intern at Planet Express. Spouse of Kif Kroker.
Bureaucrat and accountant of Planet Express.
Nibblonian ambassador to Earth. Poses as Leela's pet.
25-star general in the Democratic Order of Planets (D.O.O.P.), Captain of the Nimbus flagship and head of the D.O.O.P. army.
Antagonist. Owner of MomCorp, and Professor Farnsworth's former lover.
Famous actor robot. Star of TV drama 'All My Circuits'.
Son of Hermes and LeBarbara Conrad.
Head of the Robot Mafia.
Professor Farnsworth's clone.
A Bending Unit from the same assembly line as Bender. Almost identical in appearance, voice and personality.
Robotic personification of Kwanzaa. Part of the 'Holiday Trinity'.
Robotic personification of the devil, and ruler of Robot Hell.
Robotic personification of Santa Claus, designed to give out presents to those it deems 'good'. Invariably judges everyone except Zoidberg as 'naughty' due to a programming error.
A robot policeman, partnered with Smitty, a human.
Father of Amy Wong, and husband of Inez Wong. Wealthy owner of Western Hemisphere of Mars. Main antagonist of Into the Wild Green Yonder
Mother of Amy Wong, and wife of Leo Wong. Wealthy owner of Western Hemisphere of Mars.
Professor Farnsworth's rival and former student.
Robotic personification of an orphan. Suffers frequent misfortune.
LeBarbara Conrad's former husband, and Hermes' rival. Only athlete to win gold medals in both Limbo and Sex.
Janitor at Planet Express.

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