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Year/DescriptionMovie TitleActor
1931: Decent doctor with a murderous alter egoFrederic March
1949: Brutal Southern demagogueBroderick Crawford
1962: Powerful local political bossEd Begley
1965: Controlling, racist motherShelley Winters
1968: Murderous Satan worshipperRuth Gordon
1972: Mafia donMarlon Brando
1974: Mafia donRobert De Niro
1975: Sadistic mental ward nurseLouise Fletcher
1976: Ruthless, amoral TV programmerFaye Dunaway
1987: Ruthless, amoral financierMichael Douglas
1988: Anglophobic diamond thiefKevin Kline
1990: Psychopathic stalker, kidnapper, and killerKathy Bates
1990: Murderous loose-cannon mobsterJoe Pesci
Year/DescriptionMovie TitleActor
1991: Serial killer and cannibalAnthony Hopkins
1995: Mysterious, legendary crime lordKevin Spacey
1997: Hateful, sadistic father figureJames Coburn
2001: Corrupt L.A. police detectiveDenzel Washington
2003: South Boston gangsterSean Penn
2003: Prostitute and serial killerCharlize Theron
2006: Dictator and cannibalForest Whitaker
2007: Misanthrope and murdererDaniel Day-Lewis
2007: Conscienceless, unstoppable hit manJavier Bardem
2007: Lawyer willing to murder for a clientTilda Swinton
2008: Murdering clown of anarchyHeath Ledger
2009: Nazi colonelChristoph Waltz
2009: Abusive, sadistic motherMo 'Nique

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