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DefinitionWordPart of speech
a watch kept over; careful, close, and disciplined observationn.
the act of accusing; a formal accusationn.
conceited, presumptuous; excessive, immoderateadj.
to weaken or lessen the mental, moral, or physical vigor of; enfeeble, hamstringv.
to potray, sketch, or describe in accurate and vivid detailv.
a state of agreement, harmony, unanimityn.
to waste awayn.
stimulating to the taste or mind; spicy, pungentadj.
having a gelatinous or gluey qualityadj.
straying or wandering from a straight or direct course; acting in a shifty wayadj.
generosity in giving; lavish or bountiful contributionsn.
to imitate with the intent of equaling or surpassing the modelv.
without delay or formality; briefly, conciselyadv.
in chess, an opening move that involves risk or sacrifice of a minor piece in order to gain a later advantagen.
a comment indicating strong criticism or disapprovaln.
DefinitionWordPart of speech
not usual or expected; not in characteradj.
dark and gloomy, obscure; lacking in clarity and precisionadj.
a fortified place, strongholdn.
to set apart as holy or sacred, sanctify, consecrate; to reverev.
degraded; base, contemptible; cringing, servile; complete and unrelievedadj.
a survey made for military purposes; preliminary inspectionn.
easily irrited; characterized by impatienceadj.
costly, rich, magnificentadj.
present or existing everywhereadj.
to imprision, confine, jailv.
disorder, confusionn.
ridiculous, laughable, absurdadj.
to stall or act evasively in order to gain time, avoid confrontation; to compromisev.
relevant, appropriate, apropos, fittingadj.
a formal expression of praise, a lavish tributen.

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