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Town in which Lorelai and Rory live.
What state do they live in?
Both girls love to drink what?
Diner in the town
Diner owner whom Lorelai dated
Sister of diner owner
Rory's birth father
Town dancer teacher
Stars Hollow selectman
Stars Hollow selectman owns a...
Town mechanic
Rory's best friend
Rory's best friend is half...
Lorelai's best friend
'The Vegetable Guy'
The inn Lorelai runs
The owner of the inn
French concierge of the inn Lorelai runs
Lorelai and Rory's neighbor
Stars Hollow's odd man
Name of antique shop
Lorelai's father
Lorelai's mother
Rory's first boyfriend
Rory's short-term boyfriend
Rory's third boyfriend
Rory took high school in
Rory's love-hate friend
Rory's high school literature teacher whom Lorelai dated
Luke's brother-in-law
TJ's and Liz's daughter
Lorelai had Rory at age...
Lorelai's middle name
Rory's middle name
Logan's nickname for Rory
Rory's college alma mater
Yale secret society
Luke's daughter
Mother of Luke's daughter
Name of Lorelai's sheepdog
Paris' boyfriend

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