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OutcomePlayers that started the brawlyear
After a hard foul one of the NBA's best dunkers tackled one of the NBA's biggest stars into the stands despite the fact that neither of those two started the fight2006
This 'Malice' began from a hard foul from one of the strongest big men in the game at the time on the biggest hot head in NBA history then escalated into a huge fight2004
This brawl between the portland 'Jail Blazers' and the warriors was the result of a scrum after Sheed hit a game winner2002
Frustrated by the practice of 'hacking' this superstar repeatedly, he committed a flagrant foul on one of the bulls scrappy (former knick) who then threw a punch at brad miller2002
After being poked in the eye by the current GM of the Cavs, this Knick threw a punch that ended up landing his coach in the hospital receiving 15 stitches both players were suspend2001
there were 16 players suspended after this brawl between the pacers and kings where there was a good amount of punching and choking going on1995
During this knicks vs bulls playoff game, guards from each team started a fight which cleared the benches... the fight nearly ended up in david stern's lap1994
A fight broke out between the guards from the knicks and suns which resulted in a knick(who is now a tnt analyst) throwing haymakers at the suns guard 1993
in a playoff game between the 76ers the pistons, two of the biggest, meanest players in the game, came to blows which resulted in fines1990
This playoff brawl between 2 nba legends of the celtics and 76ers ended up in these greats throwing punches and shoves1984
In a Hawks vs Celtics Playoff series a player turned GM took an elbow from this 'tree' and ended up tackling the big man to the hardwood which was retaliated with a biting 1983
This Laker great started a fight which ended up in a teammate delivering 'the punch' to the face of this player turned coach which broke several bones in this rocket's face1977

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