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Can you name the Key Elements of the Periodic Table from their symbol?

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SymbolNameFamous For
HSimple, light, but flammable
HeBalloons and squeaky voices
CLife, diamonds, and pencils
NMakes up most of air
OWhat we need to breathe in
FAdded to toothpaste to make teeth strong
NeIn neon lights like Open signs
NaBurns in water, add chlorine to make salt
MgBurns brightly
AlA light and strong metal for soda cans and airplanes
SiGlass and chips
PMatches, glow-in-the-dark and DNA
SStinks when burnt
ClPoisonous green gas, add sodium to make salt
KElectrolyte, eat your bananas!
CaWhat bones are made of
SymbolNameFamous For
TiLight and strong
CrTo make stainless steel
FeMagnets and in your blood
CoMagnets and vitamin b12
NiMagnets, coins and guitar strings
CuElectric wiring
ZnCoats steel to help with corrosion
AsFamous poison
AgOld money and jewelry
WHigh boiling point and light bulbs
OsDensest metal
PtCatalysts and new jewelry
AuThe standard for money
HgQuicksilver, the liquid metal
PbSoft metal but poisonous
UNuclear reactors
PuPreferred for nuclear bombs

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