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Can you name the The Office UK Christmas Special?

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QuestionBrent mused, and then replied ...
What is the name of the 'new Dawn'
What is the only fruit David likes
Which insult is missing - You beardy twat. Pug-nosed gimp, Absolutely Flabulous
Whose lips move when he lies, according to Brent
Where does Ray Howells work?
How many hours work did David do last week?
Where did David buy the ice scraper from?
Where David uses humour at work, Gareth uses what to get things done?
How much did David's single cost him to make in total?
What is Lee's sister called?
Dr Dre and Ice T are the equivalent of who?
Where might David pull over to use a fax machine if he's bombing along at 70mph tops?
What sort of perks are there with life on the road for David? Use your imagination. Young, free, single ... (missing word)!
What job does Neil's fiancee have?
Where does David do his gig?
What look a like is David's agent thinking of recruiting?
Who is performing on stage after David?
Who is David doing his walks for?
QuestionBrent mused, and then replied ...
What sport does David play?
Where has David been travelling
Why does Gareth think David looks 45?
What does Sheila suggest for the Christmas Party?
If David wanted Howard's advice, what would it be about?
Where could Brent turn up with Richard Blackwood on his arm?
What is David's Radox?
What makes us two look like a pair of bollocks?
Who is the fat lady who turns up at the Christmas Party looking for?
What does Gareth say when Dawn walks in to his office after coming back from Florida?
How did Geoff Lamp get to the party?
What TV show does David want to go on?
When the office found out David could sing and play, what song by the late, great Bob Marley did he do a beautiful rendition of?
What does Chris Finch call David's date, which prompts him to tell him to '**** off'?
What did Tim write on the portrait Dawn drew of him which he sent back to her with her secret santa present
What song is playing when Dawn and Tim kiss?
Who does David do an impression of during the photo?
What is the last ever word said in 'The Office'?

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