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What happened?EpisodeSeries
Rodney advises Del to throw the bleedin lot in the river.Series 1
Del sells a faulty Mark II Cortina to an AustralianSeries 1
Hindu StatueSeries 1
Del gets engaged againSeries 1
Trotter's Ethnic ToursSeries 1
Nuclear Fallout shelterSeries 1
Grandad forgets to remove the gibletsChristmas Special 1981
Rodney meets a policewomanSeries 2
The Trotters attend the funeral of Trigger's granSeries 2
Rodney calls 'Tails' on the double headed coinSeries 2
Del gets beaten up by Irene's husbandSeries 2
Del paints his mum's graveSeries 2
BenidormSeries 2
The ChandeliersSeries 2
Old ShepChristmas Special 1982
Rodney becomes chairman of the Local Tenants AssociationSeries 3
Rodney and Mickey Pearce buy some broken lawnmower enginesSeries 3
The Trotters go fishing in CornwallSeries 3
Del meets posh tart antique dealer Miranda DavenportSeries 3
Slater arrests the Trotters for possession of a stolen microwaveSeries 3
Rodney the 'Peckham Pouncer'Series 3
Corinne's canarySeries 3
What happened?EpisodeSeries
Reg TrotterChristmas Special 1983
Albie LittlewoodSeries 4
Grandad's funeralSeries 4
Uncle Albert falls through the pub cellarSeries 4
The bunch of wallies make it on Top of the PopsSeries 4
DukeSeries 4
Del wins a 50p betSeries 4
The butterflySeries 4
The Trotters go to HollandChristmas Special 1985
Anna the German girlSeries 5
Del raises money for the local hospiceSeries 5
The Trotter's are accused of shoplifting in the supermarketSeries 5
Del goes hang glidingSeries 5
'There's A Rhino Loose in the City'Series 5
Jumbo Mills offers Del a business partnershipSeries 5
Rodney becomes friends with Lady Victoria Marsham Hales of Covington House, Berkshire. Christmas Special 1986
Freddie RobdalChristmas Special 1987
Del meets RaquelChristmas Special 1988
Del falls through the barSeries 6
Lusty Linda and Erotic EstelleSeries 6
Del and the consortium buy jewellry off ArnieSeries 6
Rodney wins an under 15s art competitionSeries 6
What happened?EpisodeSeries
Elsie Partridge's seanceSeries 6
Rodney and Cassandra get marriedSeries 6
Beano to MargateChristmas Special 1989
Rodney takes Tanya to the cinemaChristmas Special 1990
The satellite dish from the main runway at Gatwick ends up on the Trotter's balconySeries 7
Raquel announces she's pregnantSeries 7
CwyingSeries 7
School Reunion at the Nag's HeadSeries 7
Damien is bornSeries 7
Albert fights Knock-KnockSeries 7
Pre-blessed Romanian wineChristmas Special 1991
The Trotter's go to FloridaChristmas Special 1991
Peckham SpringChristmas Special 1992
Del has a tooth outChristmas Special 1993
Batman and RobinChristmas Special 1996
Del decides to have a vasectomyChristmas Special 1996
The Trotters become millionairesChristmas Special 1996
Del goes on 'Goldrush'Christmas Special 2001
The Trotter's go to France and bring home GaryChristmas Special 2002
Rodney becomes a dadChristmas Special 2003

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