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Forced Order
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Bring MHCII & TCR in proximity to cause overwhelming IFN-y and IL-2
Overactivate guanylate cyclase (Inc cGMP)
Zinc-dependent protease, induces apoptosis
Protein that degrades cell membrane
Inactivate elongation factor (EF-2)
Induces actin depolymerization, causing mucosal cell death->bowel wall necrosis and pseudomembrane formation
Overactives adenylate cyclase by disabling Gi
Inactivate 60S ribosome by cleaving RNA, no invasion
Phospholipase that degrades tissue, cell membranes
Cleave SNARE protein, inhibit neurotransmitter release; Ach
Inactivate 60S ribosome by cleaving RNA, cell invades
Overactivates adenylate cyclase (Inc cAMP)
Recruits & activates PMNs->cytokine release->mucosal damage
Cleave SNARE protein, inhibit neurotransmitter release; GABA and glycine
Overatctivates adenylate cyclase by permanently activating Gs
Mimics adenylate cyclase (Inc cAMP)

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