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Dysplastic squamous cervical cells with nuclear enlargement and hyperchromasia
'Tram-track' appearance on LM
Anticentromere antibodies
Yellow CSF
'Lead pipe' appearance of colon on x-ray
Narrowing of bowel lumen on barium radiograph
Extracellular amyloid deposition in gray matter of brain
Mucin-filled cell with peripheral nucleus
Giant B cells with bilobed nuclei with prominent inclusions ('Owl's eye')
Branching gram-positive rods with sulfur granules
'Thumb sign' on lateral x-ray
Eosinophilic cytoplasmic inclusion in liver cell
Antinuclear antibodies (ANAs: anti-Smith and anti-dsDNA)
Novobiocin resistant
Large lysosomal vesicles in phagocytes, immunodeficiency
Heterophile antibodies
Eosinophilic globule in liver
Optochin resistant
Enlarged cells with intranuclear inclusion bodies, look like 'owl's eyes'
Disarrayed granulosa cells in eosinophilic fluid
Antimitochondrial antibodies (AMAs)
Eosinophilic inclusion bodies in cytoplasm of hippocampal nerves
Polished, 'ivory-like' appearance of bone at cartilage erosion
Hilar lymphadenopathy, peripheral granulomatous lesion in middle or lower lobes (can calcify)
Rib notching
Intranuclear eosinophilic droplet-like bodies
Optochin sensitive
Desquamated epithelium casts in sputum
Anti-glomerular basement membrane antibodies
Colonies of mucoid Pseudomonas in lungs
Anti-transglutaminase/anti-gliadin/anti-endomysial antibodies
Sheets of medium-sized lymphoid cells ('starry sky' appearance)
Periosteum raised from bone, creating triangular area
Renal epithelial casts in urine
Antihistone antibodies
Decreased a-fetoprotein in amniotic fluid/maternal serum
Thyroid-like appearance of kidney
Rhomboid crystals, positively birefringent
'Bamboo spine' on x-ray
Basophilic stippling of RBCs
Eosinophilic cytoplasmic inclusion in nerve cell
'Apple core' lesion on abdominal x-ray
Degeneration of dorsal column nerves
Pseudopalisading tumor cells on brain biopsy
'Lumpy-bumpy' appearance of glomeruli on immunofluorescence
Hexagonal, double-pointed, needle-like crystals in bronchial secretions
Anti-IgG antibodies
Bloody tap on LP
'Honeycomb lung' on x-ray
'Onion-skin' periosteal reaction
Circular grouping of dark tumor cells surrounding pale neurofibrils
Increased alpha-fetoprotein in amniotic fluid/maternal serum
Cardiomegaly with apical atrophy
Monoclonal antibody spike
'Boot-shaped' heart on x-ray
Thrombi made of white/red layers
Depigmentation of neurons in substantia nigra
Triglyceride accumulation in liver cell vacuoles
Glomerulus-like structure surrounding vessel in germ cells
Rectangular, crystal-like, cytoplasmic inclusions in Leydig cells
Linear appearance of glomeruli on immunofluorescence
Lytic ('hole-punched') bone lesions on x-ray
Low serum ceruloplasmin
Antiplatelet antibodies
Increased uric acid levels
Silver-staining spherical aggregation of tau proteins in neurons
'Chocolate cyst' on ovary
'Spikes' on basement membrane, 'dome-like' subepithelial deposits
Causes of 'brown' bone tumor
'Tennis-racket'-shaped cytoplasmic organelles (EM) in Langerhans cell
'Wire loop' glomerular appearance on LM
'Hair on end' (crew-cut) appearance x-ray
Basophilic nuclear remnants in RBCs
Bronchogenic apical lung tumor
Bacitracin resistant
Ring-enhancing brain lesion in AIDS
Monoclonal globulin protein in blood/urine
Hypochromic, microcytic anemia
'Soap bubble' in femur or tibia on x-ray
RBC casts in urine
Protein aggregates in neurons from hyperphosphorylation of protein tau
Bacitracin Sensitive
Antidesmoglein (epithelial) antibodies
Stippled vaginal epithelial cells
Nodular hyaline deposits in glomeruli
Mammary gland ('blue-domed') cyst
High level of D-dimers
hCG elevated
Iron-containing nodules in alveolar sputum
Needle-shaped, negatively birefringent crystals
Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies (ANCAs)
Podocyte fusion on EM
Azurophilic granular needles in leukemic blasts
Anti-topoisomerase antibodies
WBCs that look 'smudged'
Novobiocin sensitive
Hypersegmented neutrophils
Cellular crescents in Bowman's capsule
Enlarged thyroid cells with ground-glass nuclei
'Nutmeg' appearance of liver
Stacks of red blood cells
Heart nodules (granulomatous)

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