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what does D6 stand for?
what's the best boy's shower?
what's the best boy's bathroom stall?
who is gassy?
most played video game on floor?
what animal chased tina at the beach?
where is john tran's bomb?
floor artist?
floor gargoyle?
floor midnight hallway phone talker?
floor hawaiians?
'nah dude...' 멋쟁이 없음
'fer sureee'
floor table bouldering introducer?
what shape covers most of john tran's plywood?
who watches over the front right shower?
floor daycare curators?
kyle mark's girlfriend?
members of philtlin?
red sweater? (include race)
first word of sexile text?
'its my f***ing birthday, b****!'
he's sooooo good at volleyball
san francisco?
biggest shakeweight contributor?
D6 abondoners?
floor gymaholic?
4 marker tag finalists (in alphabetical order)
a-fro's saying?
floor hipster? (minus attire)
'hella daysss'
floor adoptee (he is small)
worst girl's shower stall?
floor metro?
how many half asians are on the floor?

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