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What does the letter 'V' stand for in the acronym 'DVD'?
In South Park, what name does Stan's grampa often call Stan?
Who is the EPL all time top goal scorer?
Who is the oldest member of The Rolling Stones?
Which music composer has won the most Oscars?
Who were the last team to win the English First Division before it became the English Premier League?
Which video game developer created the first Crash Bandicoot?
What was the name of Queen Elizabeth II's first corgy?
What is the largest landlocked country in the world?
What country was princess Queen Elizabeth II (Princess Elizabeth at the time) in when she became queen?
Who founded Adidas?
What band is Joe Perry a member of?
What city did Usain Bolt set his current 100m world record?
What does the acronym SD mean when referring to a memory card? (e.g micro SD)
Name the two countries in the world where Cannabis is completely legal

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