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Can you name the NHC boarder by their quote?

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'I hope he drowns'
'I just pooped'
'I'd probably advocate the death penalty for people who don't recognize hyperbole'
'If a dude tried to cum on my face I would remove his testicles'
'Nate is about on par with Ben Affleck.'
'Welcome to KBBL Radio, the most awesome podcast of the world.'
'=D :thumbsup:'
'That's not yo sh*t girrrrrrrl'
'Hi Nate, this is Kevowwwwwwwn!'
'Simpsonsfan20, could you shut the f*cking f*ck up please, thanks'
[quote inaudible because speaker is so far in the background]
'I'm so sick of these f*cking threads'
[Dumb and Dumber reference]
[on AIM]: 'Hey, it's ***** from NHC'
'I like ketchup on rice'
'Post in here and I will hit on you'
'I like them white and thick.'
'Hi, you've reached ****, please leave a message.'
'Hi board.'
[image] [image] [image] [image]
'quote this post'
[in Bill Cosby voice]'with the pudding and the jello and the New Coke...'
'Worst day of my life.'
[nightly] 'Hi Chatbox'
[quote inaudible, muffled by beard]
meow, hiss
[something sage, sound, and lucid]
'I'm Matt Groening'

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