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HO- is a ______ nucleophile
Large, basic nucleophiles favour ______
What acts as a base in an elimination reaction?
HSO4- is a very ____ _____ (2 words)
HSO4- is a ____ nucleophile
What affect does the concentration of a catalyst have on a rate equation?
What is the characteristic of a rate determining step ?
Elimination is favoured by _______
High temp favours substitution over elimination. True or False ?
intermediate carbenium ion must be ______ for E1 to occur.
E1 and Sn1 occur via the same ___ _____ _____ ( 3 answers )
1,1-dimethylehanol eliminated with H2SO4, would have what two products? ( 2 answers )
the stability of the intermediate carbenium ion is related to the _____ _______ ______
Primary carbenium ions eliminate by E1. Yes or No ?
elimination is posible if there are no _____ β-to the leaving group
Polar Solvents ____ E1 because they can _____ the ______ intermediate ( 3 answers )
the leaving group is involved in the RDS for both E1 and E2. The _____ the leaving group the _____ the reaction. ( 2 answers )
Formation of a _____ is used to convert OH- into a better leaving group.
E forms faster due to lower activation energy. Yay or Nay ?
The E-alkene product is more stable than the Z-alkene due to _______ _______ ( 2 words )
The name of the process in question 20 and 21 is ?
Elimination can give 2 _________ alkenes
More substituted alkenes are more stable due to increase ___________ - ___________
Increasing substitution allows more sigma star orbitals to overlap with the ____ ______

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