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Forced Order
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Which one of the Original Broadway Cast Matildas was blonde?
Which Newtilda (Paige Brady, Gabby Pizzolo, Ava Uolla, Ripley Sobo) was in the old cast of Once?
Who is the new Broadway Miss Honey? (replacing Jill Paice)
Which Matilda opened the Broadway Production of Matilda the Musical?
Who replaced Taylor Trensch as the role of Micheal Wormwood?
Who was the original Trucnhbull in both the West End and Broadway?
What song comes right after 'The Hammer'?
Which Matilda sings the duet section of 'Im Here (Story 4)'' in the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Matilda the Musical?
What is Lesli Mergherita's Blog Called on
Name the first song of the Musical (not including Overture)
*HARD* What is the line that Micheal Wormwood says that gets the wormwood family caught at the end of the show?

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