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QUIZ: Can you name the words on the political word ladder?

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Clue:Four Letter Word:Rung Number
President who ran against [last rung] in 2000.1
What Sarah Palin yells at dog teams.2
To think something (like a platform) over.3
Unable to speak - the worst state for a democracy.4
A small particle.5
To be excessively fond of, like a politician with a baby.6
What people must do in democracy.7
Small animal commonly mistaken for a rat. (No, not Eliot Spitzer)8
Unit of electric potential difference.9
South Australian 'Vehicle on Road Test'10
In English: Green Party of Canada, in French, Parti ____ du Canada11
Sidekick to Ernie. (Not Ernie Isley)12
A level space or shelf separating two things.13
The length of time a politician spends in office.14
A type of bird.15
A type of plant.16
Where the Swiss Bundesrat is.17
Lima, but not the capital of Peru.18
A declining market.19
The only thing we have to ____ is ____ itself. - FDR20
An impressive act; Ron Paul getting elected would be one.21
What the ice caps will do, according to [last rung].23
To shed old feathers or hair.24
Mortimer Zuckerman's nickname.25
Clue:Four Letter Word:Rung Number
A store of the K or Wal variety.26
Well known creator of the Communist Manifesto.27
Female horse.28
Actor Christian.30
What people who aren't politicians play with and try to get passed.31
What politicians play with and try to get passed.32
What signals the opening of the NYSE.33
The Bible ____ is an informal term for south eastern USA.34
What politicians in the house verbally do to each other.35
What politicians strive to get in the Senate.36
This animal's fur is a controversial export from Canada.37
A condemned man gets a last one.38
The color of the Family First party in Australia.39
What gives away a lie in a game of Politics and Poker.40
What Napoleon was not.41
Part of the liver; something a controversial politician must have a lot of.42
A violent storm, also politician Richard.43
What the majority of members of the US Senate are. (Not 'liar'.)44
A secret spy in an organization.45
Opposite of less.46
Colloquial name for a Conservative.48
Excessively bloody.49
He ran against [first rung] in 200050

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