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Who is the richest man in the world?
What is an eggplant also known as?
Which actor plays Patrick Bateman in American Psycho?
Which actor plays Sir Ulrich von Liechtenstein in A Knight's Tale?
In Which US state would you find Atlantic City?
What is the name of the drug lord in American Gangster?
Who is the only African footballer to win the Ballon D'or?
Which golfer won the 2012 British Open?
Which country borders Algeria and Libya to the north?
Who sung with the Four Seasons?
What is the well-known Eyjafjallajökul?
How old was the famous Ritchie Valens when he died?
Who was the last living Tsar of Russia?
Who was the man of the match in the 2004 Champions League Final?
What is the predominant colour on the official flag of antarctica?
In what year was the Mona Lisa stolen from the Louvre?
How many films has Quentin Tarantino directed as of 2013?
What is the name of Daniel Craig's character in Layer Cake?
From which US city are the NBA team Magic from?
Name the 3 vertebrae in the human body?

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