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dated Jean Havoc under disguise
wanted Ed to transmute them flowers before they died
killed the last Ishvalan in the Ishvalan Civil War
helped Satella giving birth to her child
mocked Pride with asking if he´s mad now
nearly stabbed by Bradley while hiding in Al´s armour
transmuted their whole family into chimeras
worked under a false name as doctor
was innocently blamed for murder
started a fight between Drachma and Amestris in Briggs
a foreign small 'cat'
said that they wanted everything, but in reality only wanted friends
lost their brother and wanted revenge on the killer and other murderers
only respected and liked one human: Mrs. Bradley
passed out from red water in Xernotime
Lan Fan´s grandfather
died 1903
forgave the murderer of their parents, while still misliking them (in both anime)
was feared by Domenic because of their mechanic skills and attitute
the only member of Mustang´s unit who isn´t refered to with their last name, but rather title or first name
coded their alchemy notes with the names of women
that armour must have cost him an arm and a leg
father of Riza´s mother
scared the Elric brothers on the island near Dublith
broke into the Military Headquarters with Winry
fought with their brother over their house and the family leadership
cut of their own arm
offered Scar to join them after the big fight
died to protect his wife from a crazy man
wanted to kill Bradley with ice walls
the only humunculus who survived the promised day
rapped the song 'Oh Snap Snap, Spark Spark'
loved their dog too much
became the new Emperor of Xing
kidnapped and killed lots of women, including Winry (didn´t kill her though)
had officially a crush on Riza and wanted to date her
Envy wanted to take over their body but no one cared nor helped
wore skirts nearly all the time, even when it was cold and snowy
predicted that Roy´s eyes will fill with horror one day
got angry when they couldnt predict what others will do
Envy´s father (FMA03)
the only FMA character that is portrayed as Jew in an alternative universe
had an illness simular to Trisha, but died due to a gunshot
wanted Winry not as their mechanic student
is technically the King of Xerxes
took the apperience of the slave from whichs blood they were created
wanted to eat Black Hayate
could crack nuts with their boobs
his real name is revealed in a fight with Bradley (coma theatre xD)
shot Al in order to get their boyfriend back to live
got killed in Al´s suit of armor
the only person who killed a 'Bradley'-Version
afraid of cows
had been sent to Ishval with their husband despite not being in the military
hostage against the Elrics
was jealous of Roy because he had so many 'girlfriends'
killed an Ishvalan who shot Mustang
only lied once in his life
committed suicide because people found out about their true feelings
either lost his eyesight or his eye (different in both animes)
the highest ranked female soldier
constantly tries to hide stray cats
the only known Ishvalan in the Amestrian military
became parent of three 'children' at the end of Brotherhood
went through the gate multiple times
remained with one missing limb at the end of FMAB even though getting everything back was their main goal at first
can see someones future by touching them
saw Edward naked (not on purpose)
wanted to kill Lust´s murderer
has an Atelier in Rushvalley and takes Winry as apprentice
shot men in order to date them
wanted to destroy Amestris because they are afraid of it
stole Ed´s pocket watch
slept on his back with his belly exposed
saved Riza from Gluttony together with Fuery
knew that Hohenheim was immortal without him ever really telling (not Trisha)
had to survive one month in the Briggs region alone
went to Xing with two chimeras
grew their hair out because they met a small girl
found Black Hayate
went by the code name 'Jaqueline'
Madame Christmas real name
was a failed attempt of a Gate of Truth
afraid of dogs
started the Ishval Civil War with a gunshot
looked like the mother of two children
became Fuhrer at the End of FMAB
the murderer of Winrys parents (in FMA03)
defeated Greed in FMA 03
fell in love with a woman that carried a dead bear with her
burned Roys flower-gift
wore skirts in her freetime, despite hating them as military uniform option
teased Riza and asked her to join them
took Eds identity to do research in Xernotime
killed Fu and Buccaneer
tattoed their daughter
gifted the Fullmetal Alchemist a whole city
the 'bishop' in Mustang´s team

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