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Who has an 'on and off' relationship with Ryan?
Which accountant keeps a jar of M&M's at their desk so they won't be taken?
Which character spends time living in Costa Rica?
Name the last character to remain in Scranton (other than Jim) following the Stamford merger.
Name a character in the Scranton branch that was involved in marital affairs (2 possible answers).
During pregnancy, who does Pam ask to use a less strong perfume?
What does the PPC stand for?
For what main reason does Jan believe she was fired?
How does Michael burn his foot?
What business does Michael start after he quits?
At who's house do Dwight and Michael wait to try and save their branch from downsizing?
Why can't Pam drink at her wedding?
Who is Phyllis' husband?
Who constantly beats Jim in ping-pong down at the warehouse?
Which company is responsible for distributing printers that catch fire?

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