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QUIZ: Can you name the Mammalogy taxonomy?

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Can you name mammalogy taxonomy?Answer
Short-beaked echidna
Duckbilled platypus
Virginia Opossum
Southern brown bandicoot
Coarse -haired wombat
Red-necked wallaby
Nine-banded armadillo
Hoffmann's two toed sloth
Senegal bushbaby
Golden lion tamarin
Hamadryas baboon
Black tailed Jackrabbit
Swamp rabbit
Can you name mammalogy taxonomy?Answer
Desert cottontail
Eastern cottontail
Eastern gray squirrel
Eastern fox squirrel
Southern flying squirrel
Black tailed prairie dog
Spotted ground squirrel
Thirteen-lined ground squirrel
Rock squirrel
Colorado chipmunk
Eastern chipmunk
American Beaver

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