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Can you name the important items of York, Pennsylvania?

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First African-American mayor in York City
This borough is named for vice president George M. Dallas.Dallas never visited the borough.
This company makes paper for a variety of uses.Made paper used in 'Harry Potter' Series of books
This candy was produced in York.Now manufactured by the Hershey Company
This is the only signer of the Declaration of Independence from York.
The baseball team currently playing in Sovereign Bank StadiumOwned in part by Brooks Robinson
This university has a branch in York.
This motorcycle company manufactures many of its products in York
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This general attempted to overthrow George Washington in the Plough Tavern
The ___________ Hall of Fame is located in York
Pottery company formerly based in York
This automobile company rivaled Henry Ford'sFamous for 6-wheeled cars
Northernmost ___________ city occupied in the Civil War
This document was drafted, discussed, and ratified in York in 1777 by the Continental Congress
The oldest fair in the nation.Recent performers include Carrie Underwood and Toby Keith

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