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Forced Order
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The first character we see in the Pilot.
Who has a 'jedi' moment with this castaway.
Who is in love with this torturer.
Who in season 1 was kidnapped by.
Who saw this oceanic castaway first.
Who is married to.
Who in the 'long con' is dragged into the jungle by.
Who was told that he was gonna die by.
Who received a boat from.
Who was 'crazy' with.
Who has the same boss as.
Whose father killed these castaway's parents.
Who had sex with this girl in a cage.
Who raised this person's baby.
Whose father is.
Who got drunk in Sydney with
Who also had sex with
Who also had sex with
Who was hired by
Who works for
Who saves this man's life in 'the incident'
Whose body is taken over by
Who was shot in the end by
Who then says
Who then gives an amazing goodbye kiss to
Who dies at the very end closing which eye?

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