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Forced Order
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Who saves Desmond's life in the season 2 finale when all hope seemed to be lost?
Who said, 'This Place is Death!'?
What game is Locke playing on his lunch break in 'Walkabout'?
Whose father did Jack sacrifice in exchange for saving sara's life in the season 2 premiere?
What is Libby's occupation?
In what state was Benjamin Linus born in?
Who is the person in charge of the temple?
What movie is Hurley trying to write in 1977?
What are hurley's lottery numbers?
What station was eloise in charge of off the island?
What is the name on Ben's Jacket as he is moving the island?
Eko's drug plane is parked on top of which dharma station?
What was the name of the hut that John Locke uses to meditate in 'further instructions'?
What is Locke's alias while he is off the island?
Who is the second character we see in the Pilot?
Who accidentally detonates themselves in 'Everybody Loves Hugo'?
What song did charlie have to tune down in the looking glass?
What was the name of Charlie's first centric episode?
Who coined the phrase, 'Whatever Happened Happened'?
What is Charlotte Lewis' occupation?
Where was Henry Gale from?
In the season 4 finale, who kicks the grenade to Omar resulting in his death?
In 'Cabin Fever' what object does young locke think is his when richard comes for a visit?
In what episode do you find out that Kate raised aaron off the island?
Who took walt off the raft in 'exodus'? (One specific person)
What was the name of Desmond's partner in the hatch?
In 'Ab Aeterno', where did Richard live before he came to the island?
Which castaway is a substitute teacher in the alternate reality?

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