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What does 'NTFS' stand for?
What is the name of the feature that allows computer hardwar to communicate and operate with the computer software?
Which version of Windows XP is designed for business/power users?
What does the 'NT' stand for in Windows NT?
What is the term called when you load an operating system?
What is the feature called to allow another user to view and control your computer from a different location?
What does 'CE' stand for in certain editions in Windows?
What month in 2009 was Windows 7 released?
How long can you run a trial version until you need to enter a product key?
What does 'UPS' stand for?
Which operating system is OS X a part of?
Which version of Windows XP is designed for home users?
How many different versions of Windows 98 were there?
What year did Windows 3 come out?
What year did Windows 2 come out?
What is the maximum allowed Harddrive space for the 'FAT' to read it?
What year did the first version of Windows come out?
What year did Windows Longhorn switch to Vista?
If for instance the power goes out and your computer shuts off, what function of the computer will help with shutting off your computer in a safe way?
What does 'FAT' stand for?
What year was the final year of Windows NT?
How many terrybytes can 'NTFS' hold
What company's operating system code names have included 'Cheetah,' 'Puma,' and 'Panther?'
What does 'DOS' stand for?
How long did it take for Windows 95 to sell one million copies?

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