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Can you name the The big bang theory - who said what?

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We should engage in Coitus atleast 1 time in our relationship
so, either one of you weirdos wanna buy my underwear
Close your eyes and put out your hand
I couldn't find you guys, so i bought 6 new friend's 3 sadly are dead
have a chocolate
i am the king of the nerds
i'm a princess and this is my tiara
my howie wowie has an owie
Sometimes your movements are so lifelike i forget your not a real boy
i can't find my keys i think she may have put them in her bra because she jingles when she walks
live long and suck it zachary quinto
originally we were painted naked
i love chilli cheese fries
Are you saying your gonna spank me?
Forget science, she's horny
If you want butter i'l get you butter
when you buy me fruitloops the other astronauts make fun of me
What's the gist physicist
don't you think if i were wrong i'd know it?
wazzup my nerdizzles
penny you don't want to get into it with sheldon the guys 1 lab accident from being a supervillian
They where threatened by my intelligence and too stupid to know that's why they hated me

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