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Can you name the words given their math and 'real world' definitions?

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Math DefinitionWord'Real World' Definition
The ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter16th letter of the Greek alphabet
To list or name numerals in orderA nobleman equivalent in rank to an English earl
To calculate the value of a number added to itself any number of timesTo increase in number or quantity
Term to describe the set of positive integers (and sometimes zero)Having undergone little or no processing and containing no chemical additives
Geometric figure formed by two rays or lines that diverge from a common pointA viewpoint; to fish with a hook and line
The result of multiplicationAn object created through a process, often intended for sale
To calculate how many groups can be formed from another given groupTo separate; to differ in interests or opinions
The symbol used to indicate an nth rootThoroughgoing or extreme, especially in departure from accepted or traditional forms
A relation that associates each member of one set to exactly one member of another setAny ceremonious public or social gathering or occasion
An exponent to which a given quantity is raisedAbility to do or act; political or national strength
A number which cannot be expressed as a fractionWithout or deprived of normal mental clarity or sound judgment
To multiply a number by itselfAn open area or plaza in a city or town; conventional or conservative in style or outlook; not hip
A transformation consisting of a constant offset with no rotation or distortionA rendering from one language into another
A positive integer x greater than 1 which is only divisible by 1 and xOf the highest importance; to prepare
To compute the rate of change of a functionTo make a distinction; to perceive differences between
Math DefinitionWord'Real World' Definition
A trig. function that relates the lengths of the legs of a right triangle (Abbr.)To make darker through exposure to ultraviolet rays, such as those of the sun
The set of all rational and irrational numbersTrue; having objective existence
A multiplicative inverseShared or felt mutually between two parties
The exponent to which a fixed number must be raised to obtain a given value (Abbr.)A portion of the trunk or of a large limb of a felled tree
A trig. function that describes the vertical displacement of a point on the unit circle (Abbr.)A morally or religiously reprehensible action
To calculate the area between a function's graph and an axisTo make up, combine, or complete to produce a whole or a larger unit
A value of x for which f(x) = 0Any underground part of a plant
An array of numbers, often used to represent a linear transformationA setting or situation in which something originates, takes form, or develops
Numbers of the form x + iy, where i * i = -1A group of buildings or facilities that are located near each other and treated as a functional unit; an obsessive notion
A finite or infinite ordered set of terms combined using the addition operatorA daily or weekly program with the same theme, cast, and format
If a * b = b * a, then a and b are said to ________To travel some distance regularly between one's home and one's place of work
Term to describe a function that has continuous derivativesGenerally flat or unruffled; not rough
Term to describe a vector perpendicular to a planeConforming to the standard or the usual type
A set containing all its limit points; a set whose complement is openHaving or forming a boundary or barrier; restricted; exclusive
The set of all numbers that a function maps to 0The edible central part of a seed, nut, or fruit within the shell or stone

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