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'So you can lock me up, and baby, throw away that key.'
'I've got an old suitcase that's full of my old ways.'
'Holding my breath while we touch.'
'Everything looked fine from here. Everything looked more than clear.'
'Tell me everything will be alright.'
'You give her a smile, and that's about it.'
'I know I sound repetitive 'cause I'm repeating myself.'
'And this might sound wrong, but I can only tell you through a song.'
'I hear your heart beating right in time. Right from the start I knew I had to make you mine.'
'Take a bottle, shake it up. Break the bubble, break it up.
'I bet you didn't expect it. She made me change my ways.'
'Two kids, one love. Who cares if we make it up?'
'I feel the wind start to remind me of you.'
'You drain the life from me, and it feels oh so good.'
'I picked you up and lifted your wilted frame up to the sun.'
'She'll pick you up just to watch you fall.'
'I make you think your the only one, but if we're not having fun then were done.'
LyricSongExtra Info
'We're in this together. Yeah, we'll make it somehow.'
'Take you to the motel. Hoe Sale.'
'I'm dodging words but she's saying the right lines.'
'The boys, they have their eyes all over you. And you're loving every second of attention.'
'You're twenty one. I see your eyes, you're barely sober.'
'Tired of playing, I'm getting bored.'
'She speaks and makes me grind my teeth, yet he still thinks she's amazing.'
'I quit that old job; now I'm doing okay.'
'Get on the dancefloor, pretend you know how to make them all scream.'
'She told me she's over this place, needs to feel the midwest wind in her face.'
'The love on my lips, sweetheart, I'm sorry but your not the first.'
'And I'm freaking out because I'm just so lucky.'
'Surrounded by familiar faces, the people that you love to see.'
'We go together like the winter and sweater.'
'We did nothing, but it seems like we did so much, back then.'
'Ask them the same questions, sing them the same songs.'
'Cause your in love with love. You're not in love with him.'

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