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DescriptionAnswerFirst Letter
An agent able to produce positively charged hydrogen ions (H+)A
The compound that is an aromatic ring structure and has the formula C6H6B
The chemical element with an atomic number of 6, capable of forming FOUR covalent bondsC
When two atoms share two pair of electronsD
The thermodynamic measure of the degree of disorder in a systemE
Molecules or ions with unpaired electrons that are very reactive (ex: -OH)F
The fundamental state of matter which occurs between liquid and plasma statesG
The cleavage of a chemical bond through the addition of water (H2O)H
Compounds with the same atomic composition, but differing in molecular structure (ex: geometric, optical)I
A derived unit of energy or heatJ
The study of the rates of chemical reactionsK
A pair of electrons in a molecule not shared by constitutive atomsL
A detailed description/depiction of the process leading from reagents to products of a reactionM
DescriptionAnswerFirst Letter
A reactant which donates a pair of electrons in a reactionN
A chemical process in which the proportion of electronegative substituents in a compound is increased, or the charge is made more positiveO
A measure of the acidity or the basicity of an aqueous solutionP
Description of a C atom attached to four other C atoms; also, the highest order of protein conformationsQ
An equimolar mixture of two enantiomers of a compoundR
Term describing organic molecules that contain only single bonds; or, when a solvent cannot dissolve any more soluteS
The measure of kinetic energy in a systemT
Electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than visible light; absorption can cause electronic excitationU
A ________ electron is associated with an atom and can participate in chemical bondingV
A solvent with high heat capacity, comprised of an oxygen atom and two hydrogen atomsW
___-_____ crystallography is a method used to analyze atomic arrangements in crystalsX
The amount of product obtained from a chemical reactionY

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