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Any molecule that binds tightly to a specific macromoleculeInsulin
An extended spiral chain of atoms in polymerDNA (single strand)
A macromolecule, usually a protein, with catalytic activityLactase, Peptidase
An extracellular substance that induces a specific response in target cellsProgesterone
A SMALL polymer of about 30 or fewer amino acidsGlucagon, Secretin
An enzyme that transfers the terminal phosphate of ATP to another molecule/proteinCDKs, PI3K
A class of DNA bases with two fused heterocyclic ringsAdenine
A complex of two sub-units; in proteins, this is a quaternary structureHER2 + EGFR
A phospholipid bilayer surrounding cells or organellesKaryotheca
The diploid cell resulting from the fusion of a male and female gameteA fertilized frog egg
An organic molecule that is soluble in non-polar, organic solvents and contain covalently linked fatty acidsTriglycerides
Variations of a gene at a given locus on corresponding chromosomesBrown vs. Green eyes
Association of complimentary nucleotides in DNAAdenine + Thymine
An infectious agent that replicates in living cellsDengue fever
A sequence of three nucleotides in DNA or mRNAU-A-G
A cell or an organism with only one member of each pair of homologous chromosomesOocyte
An atom or molecule in which the number of electrons does not equal the number of protonsNa+
An impulse conducting cell of the nervous systemPurkinje Cell
A five-carbon monosaccharideRibose
A self-renewing cell that divides to form a cell with equal differentiation potentialHematopoietic
The normal, non-mutant form of a macromolecule, cell, or organismAgouti fur on rabbits
Abundant structural proteins in eukaryotes; thin filamentsSubtypes: F and G
Haploid cells produced from meiosis of germ cellsSperm
Conserved proteins found in the chromatin of eukaryotic cells that associate with DNAH3K4

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