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the first doctor's name was?
the alien involved in the time war was?
the creator of the Daleks is?
how many reincarnations of the doctor are there?
who is the new doctor?
what is the common name that the doctor goes by?
which number doctor was the first to see the Daleks?
what is the real name of Amy Pond's daughter?
which accomplice did the doctor see shakespeare with?
what is the name of Rose Tyler's boyfriend?
who was brought back to life by Rose Tyler?
who plays Donna Noble?
who plays Captain Jack Harkness?
where is John Barrowman from originally?
what is the name of Rose's Mother?
who does Rose Tyler try to save when she finds out that the TARDIS is a time machine?
what does TARDIS stand for?
in what year did the first ever episode of Doctor Who air on TV?
in what year did Doctor Who air on TV again?
who played the 9th Reincarnation of The Doctor?

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