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Hint PhraseReferenceBook of Scripture
God's work and gloryOld Testament
The Lord called his people ZionOld Testament
Noble and great onesOld Testament
Created in God's imageOld Testament
Joseph fled from temptationOld Testament
The Ten CommandmentsOld Testament
The Lord spoke to Moses face to faceOld Testament
Love thy neighborOld Testament
Covenant marriageOld Testament
Meditate on the scripturesOld Testament
Choose this day whom ye will serveOld Testament
The Lord looketh on the heartOld Testament
I know my Redeemer livesOld Testament
Clean hands, pure heartOld Testament
Trust in the LordOld Testament
Though your sins be as scarletOld Testament
A marvelous work and a wonderOld Testament
Christ suffered for our sinsOld Testament
God's ways are higher than our waysOld Testament
The Lord will send missionariesOld Testament
Scriptures become one in thine handOld Testament
A stone cut out of the mountainOld Testament
God reveals secrets to prophetsOld Testament
Will a man rob God?Old Testament
Turning hearts to fathersOld Testament
Light of the worldNew Testament
We cannot serve two mastersNew Testament
Thou art the ChristNew Testament
Unto the least of theseNew Testament
Handle me, and seeNew Testament
Born of water and of the SpiritNew Testament
Do God's will to know His doctrineNew Testament
Other sheepNew Testament
If ye love meNew Testament
Know the only true GodNew Testament
GodheadNew Testament
Not ashamed of the gospelNew Testament
God will help us escape temptationNew Testament
Christ overcame the fallNew Testament
Baptism for the deadNew Testament
Degrees of gloryNew Testament
Perfect the saintsNew Testament
Apostasy foretoldNew Testament
Perilous times shall comeNew Testament
All scripture is given by inspirationNew Testament
Priesthood conferredNew Testament
If you lack wisdom, ask GodNew Testament
Faith without works is deadNew Testament
Restoration of the gospel foretoldNew Testament
Judged out of the booksNew Testament
Hint PhraseReferenceBook of Scripture
I will go and doBook of Mormon
Liken all scripturesBook of Mormon
Adam fell that men might beBook of Mormon
Free to chooseBook of Mormon
Learning is good if we follow God's counselBook of Mormon
We cannot justify any sinBook of Mormon
Feast on the words of ChristBook of Mormon
The Spirit teaches us to prayBook of Mormon
Seek first God's kingdomBook of Mormon
Serving others serves GodBook of Mormon
Natural man is God's enemyBook of Mormon
Watch your thoughts, words, and deedsBook of Mormon
Faith is not a perfect knowledgeBook of Mormon
Do not procrastinate repentanceBook of Mormon
Small things bring to pass great thingsBook of Mormon
Learn early to keep the commandmentsBook of Mormon
Wickedness never was happinessBook of Mormon
Rock of our RedeemerBook of Mormon
Father of contentionBook of Mormon
Be even as JesusBook of Mormon
Witness comes after trial of faithBook of Mormon
Weak things become strongBook of Mormon
The way to judgeBook of Mormon
Charity suffereth longBook of Mormon
The Holy Ghost reveals truthBook of Mormon
Search these commandmentsDoctrine & Covenants
Spirit of RevelationDoctrine & Covenants
Pray alwaysDoctrine & Covenants
God's greatest giftDoctrine & Covenants
Worth of soulsDoctrine & Covenants
Christ suffered for usDoctrine & Covenants
The song of the righteous is a prayerDoctrine & Covenants
Anxiously engaged in a good causeDoctrine & Covenants
Repentant are forgivenDoctrine & Covenants
Keep the Sabbath holyDoctrine & Covenants
Forgive one anotherDoctrine & Covenants
Those tithed are not burnedDoctrine & Covenants
Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery saw Jesus ChristDoctrine & Covenants
Greater light, greater condemnationDoctrine & Covenants
The Lord is bound when we obeyDoctrine & Covenants
Oath and covenant of the priesthoodDoctrine & Covenants
Love one anotherDoctrine & Covenants
Word of WisdomDoctrine & Covenants
Many called, few chosenDoctrine & Covenants
Knowledge rises with us in the ResurrectionDoctrine & Covenants
Obedience to law brings blessingsDoctrine & Covenants
The Father and Son have bodies of flesh and bonesDoctrine & Covenants
New and everlasting covenant of marriageDoctrine & Covenants
Heirs of celestial gloryDoctrine & Covenants
The First VisionDoctrine & Covenants

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