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FamilyCharacterRole in series
BlackPrevious Hogwarts Headmaster
BlackMain character's godfather
BlackStole a locket from a powerful wizard
Black/MacmillianFather of Padfoot
BlackMother of a marauder, married her cousin
BlackStarted the family tradition of beheading house-elfs
BlackWas disowned for being a squib
Black/WeasleyDisowned for marrying a Weasley
BlackGave gold to his runaway nephew
Black/Lestrange/RosierThe craziest of three sisters
Black/Tonks/RosierDisowned (another one) for marrying a muggle
Black/Malfoy/RosierSaved the main character's life
BonesUncle of Hogwarts schoolgirl, was a 'great man' according to Mad-Eye
BonesHead of the Department of Magicl Law Enforcement, murdered by Death Eaters
BonesHufflepuff student and Dumbledore's Army member
DelacourBeautiful blonde woman who has a very... 'different looking' husband
Delacour/WeasleyPart veela, she stole the heart of the older Weasley son
DelacourFrench little girl who is apparently a fan of the Boy Who Lived
CrouchMinistry official, killed by his son
CrouchDeath Eater that infiltrated Hogwarts and stole the identity of its new teacher
DiggoryMinistry official that idolizes his son and who is unkind with house-elfs
DiggoryHufflepuff Quidditch captain, popular with girls and intelligent
DumbledoreFormer friend of Gellert Grindelwald, likes candy
DumbledoreBartender and member of the original Order of the Phoenix
DumbledoreHad a traumatic experience young that lead into her lack of control over her magical powers
DumbledoreKilled by one of her daughter's magical outburst
DumbledoreImprisoned for defending his daughter from Muggles
GauntPureblood-crazy, he was imprisoned for attacking a Ministry official who was arresting his deranged son
GauntLived a doomed one-sided romance with a wealthy Muggle, died in childbirth
FamilyCharacterRole in series
GauntSociopath and skilled Parselthongue, he is killed by his psychopath nephew
Riddle/GauntComplete megaloman and serial killer, main character's nemesis
LongbottomFormer Order of the Phoenix member, has an authoritarian mother
LongbottomTortured with her husband, she can't properly recognize her son
LongbottomStrong but still loving gradmother, she takes care of her grandson
LongbottomHogwarts hero and Horcruxe destroyer, he is the most underrated character in the series (in my opinion)
Longbottom/AbbottQuiet Hufflepuff student, she became the wife of the Herbology teacher
LongbottomTried to force his great-nephew to show his magical abilities, but bought him a toad and a strange plant
LongbottomMarried Callidora Black
LovegoodEditor of the Quibbler, he apparently gave his questionable beliefs to his only daughter.
Lovegood/ScamanderRavenclaw's most special student, she nevertheless is a clever girl and she became a talented naturalist
Lupin/Tonks/BlackMetamorphmagus who disliked her first name
LupinNice werewolf, former teacher
LupinOrphan Metamorphmagus, godson of a famous man
MalfoyGrandfather of Hogwarts bully, died of dragon pox
Malfoy/GreengrassWife of 'Slytherin Prince', younger sister of Daphne
MalfoyBlond-haired Death Eater who tried to kill his headmaster but who eventually turned to the good side
MalfoySpooky man who purposely lost a diary in his rival's daughter's school supplies
MalfoyThe last Malfoy born, currently at Hogwarts
PeverellThe older Peverell brother, he was the first owner of the Elder wand
PeverellThe middle brother, he had the Resurrection stone but, driven mad by it, he commited suicide; the Gaunt family inherited this stone many years later.
PeverellThe younger brother, he asked for a Cloak of Invisibility, that his family passed on until the main character finally had it.
PotterGryffindor heartthrob in his time, he succeded into stealing a Slytherin's girlfriend
Potter/EvansBright witch, she had beautiful green eyes
PotterThe series' main character (need more information?)
Potter/WeasleyOlder next generation Potter, he likes to frighten his brother
Potter/WeasleyNamed after two great Hogwarts Headmasters, he stresses over his Sorting and his stay at the school
Potter/WeasleyOnly daughter of the Potter-Weasley couple
ScamanderAuthor of 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them', Ministry of Magic influent member
FamilyCharacterRole in series
ScamanderWife of eminent author, lives with him and their 3 kneazles in their Dorset home.
ScamanderGrandson of previously named naturalist, he married a loony Ravenclaw.
ScamanderOne of the twin Scamander sons, his name means 'little fierce one' in Irish Gaelic
ScamanderThe other Scamander twin, his name means liberator or emancipation.
Snape*/PrinceUnhappily married, she seemed to gave her son magical knowledge before his admission at Hogwarts
SnapeDumbledore's spy in Voldemort's headquarters or Dark Lord's puppet, his real allegiance always remained a mystery through the series.
WeasleyMarried a Black, possibly the main character's best friend's grandfather
Weasley/BlackFan of Muggle inventions, he owned an enchanted car
Weasley/PrewettKind and protective mother of 7, she is terrified by the idea of death in her family.
WeasleyBrave young man who got his face redesigned by a crazy werewolf.
WeasleyWas found snogging her uncle's godson by her cousin
WeasleyOnly Weasley offspring whose gender is currently unknown
WeasleyYoungest child of blonde beauty and Gringotts employee
WeasleyDragon lover who lives in Romania
WeasleyPompous and rule-addict who stood against his family during most of the later books, but showed his true colors during the War.
Weasley/UnknownSurprisingly, the wife of this boring character is practically never spoken of.
WeasleyNamed liked her paternal grandmother.
WeasleyYoungest daughter of Ministry official and invisible character
WeasleyJoker and successful businessman, he's killed during the Battle of Hogwarts
WeasleyAfter the death of his twin, he tried to recover by managing a joke shop and marrying a fellow Quidditch player.
Weasley/JohnsonFormer Gryffindor Chaser, she married the Weasley twin that she didn't go to the Yule Ball with.
WeasleySon of one-eared Weasley, he's named after his dead uncle
WeasleyDaughter of two Gryffindor Quidditch team's players
WeasleyRedhead, best friend of the Chosen One and husband of a woman far smarter than him. Poor guy.
Weasley/GrangerShe went from 'bushy-haired know-it-all' to 'brightest witch of her generation'
WeasleyDaughter of two war heros, she's in her cousin's year at Hogwarts
WeasleyWeasley son, he seems friends with his Potter cousin
Weasley/PotterFirst girl to be born in her father's family for generations, she was raised with 6 older brothers but luckily made it with her mind intact.

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