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Everyone nominate Lil B the Based God for convo next year
are u tellin me a chicken fried this rice
ive certainly been on an doso list
'Who is your favorite Disney princess?' 'Shrek.'
want to meet friends from b@. want to keep anonymity. #thestruggle
'I totally said this.' -Abraham Lincoln
help im trapped in a body
this girl asked me to sext her and i basically drew the kurt vonnegut thing and sent it along with 'this is what my **** looks like'
Go look at the moon you ****.
Doing things is stupid **** society I just want to be a lump on the ground
It's that time of year when I become carnally attracted to guys in warm, thick, sturdy sweaters/thermals/flannels.
Time to start drinking.
i get a raging boner every time someone agrees with anything i post
How can mathematics be real if our i's aren't real?
'do you smoke?' 'smoke what' 'salmon'
If you see someone's facebook logged in, post something like 'I love all my friends! You guys are the best!' It **** with them way more.
1. Log into boredat 2. Go do other things in other tabs 3. Go back to boredat before you are auto logged out 4. See magical light show of recent activity that you missed
why are there so many wasps congregating around my window stop the right to peaceful assembly does not apply
what I am learning from this term is that finally feeling like you might be able to have your **** together is like basically asking for other **** to come kick you in the ass
i feel like people think i dislike them when in reality i'm just an incredibly awkward person and that really bums me out sometimes
if i hear you say 'white power', the next word outta your mouth better be 'ranger'
What if the class of 2020 are all blind kids
> man noone ever texts me > *realizes phone is not in pocket* > oh lol i'll go get it > checks phone > no texts > mfw
Is it too early to start putting dibs on 2018ers?
Are we shitposting sober now? Cut my mouth on a tortilla chip. **** tortilla chips.
before leaving tinychat i always wait 20-30 seconds and wait to see who says 'good night' so i can identify my true allies
TIL I've been listening to everything on my computer through a 'club' equalizer for some months
So many vague posts are about scenarios which I swear are happening to people I know, but when I ask them if they know what b@ is they're all like 'what's that?'
anytime anyone views my profile i also view my profile so i know what they see about me
pro tip: get a hammock, bitches love hammocks
tfw adding personality upon immediate validation
dae find it hot when hot boys perpetually look tired and ****, wearing sweats, hair down no makeup
leggo my eggo death
FRESHMEN: thirsty for your liquor BUT they'll settle for your blood
at least I'm a cute shitlord
the most attractive traits are passion and the ability to make things
I think Carleton would be a very difficult college to attend for anyone requiring extra ongoing healthcare services.
all i want to eat in my life are everything bagels
Honestly anyone who says pressure to drink isn't a problem at Carleton is just straight up wrong.
lol what has happened to this board
pouring detergent is like pouring shots except it's shots for your laundry machine
yo why hasn't anyone invented magic yet that **** would be dope as ****

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