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Can you name the chuck facts??

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Super Computer in Chuck's Head
Chuck's last name
Chuck's Wife (First & Last Name. Most known by.)
The Colonel (First & Last name)
The Colonel's Real name
Chuck's Best friend
Chuck's All time favourite pet
Captain '?'
General '?'
Chuck's most hated Person
Agent X is who?
CIA enemy (season 1+2)
CIA enemy (season 3)
CIA enemy (season 4)
Sarah's Middle Name
Chuck's Middle Name
Actor of Chuck
Chuck is set in:
'Charles Carmichael always _____ _______.'
'Guys, I know ____ __.'
Where did Emmett Milbarge get shot?
How does Devon like his eggs?
Chuck's ACTUAL all time favourite pet.
Creator of the Intersect
Sarah's real name
First person who Chuck 'killed'
First Person Who Chuck shot
What episode to Chuck and Sarah finally get together? (Chuck vs. ___ _____ ___.)
Ellie and Awesome's Baby
Chuck's Mum
Sarah's other name (revealed in Vs. the Cougars.)
Store next to the buy more (season 1+2)
Where the nerd herd get their sandwhiches from.
'Don't _____ ___.'
'Stay in ___ ___.'
Morgans favourite seafood.
Morgan's ex girlfriend. (First & last name.)
'_____ taste like peaches.' -Ellie
Casey's Car.
In vs The Muuurder, who was the murderer?
What was the name that Ellie told Devon she wanted to name her baby?

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