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Forced Order
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Barbituratesdrug name
 drug name
 major effect
 one major side effect
Cyclohexaminesdrug name
 drug name
 major effect
 major effect
 major effect
 major side effect during recovery
 major side effect is decreased ____ ____
 major side effect is increased ______
 increased ___ ___ in cats IM
Miscellaneous (white)drug name
 major effect
 major side effect
 major side effect
 grows ______ easily
 discard after __ hrs
Miscellaneous (not white)drug name
 major effect
 animal conscious if used ____
Topical anesthetic epiduralsdrug name
 drug name
 drug name
 major effect
 major side effect
 major side effect if too much
opioid epiduralsdrug name
 major effect
 _____ lasting
Tissue Slough if Perivascularclass
 miscellaneous drug

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