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high solubility = ____ induction/recovery
Type of surgical drain that is thin-walled, fluids drain around outside of tube
part 2 of repair phase: _________ occurs
The most common liquid used for sterilization
hypotonic lavage fluids can cause tissue _____
pain felt despite adequate analgesic therapy
part 3 of repair phase: wound __________
what is smaller, 3-0 or 0
this nonadherent primary bandage layer is used for minimally exudative wounds, promotes epithelialization, and requires fewer changes
nerve cells that detect noxious stimuli (pain)
type of antiseptic with residual time of 4-6 hours
lavage fluids should be ___tonic
lavage fluid pH should be _____
MAC= lowest % producing no response to painful stimulus in __% of patients tested
The two types of autoclave are ____ ________ and _____
this type of suture is broken down and resorbed, loses tensile strength by 60 days, used in quick healing tissues
chemical methods of sterilization can use ____ or ___
destruction of organisms and spored on an object
type of heat sterilization with high temp, long duration
second phase of wound healing
prevacuum autoclaving uses __psi, ____°F, and ___ min of sterilization, which takes __ total min
Agents with ____ vapor pressures can use a nonprecision vaporizer
this type of suture is not broken down with time or takes >60 days, used in slow healing areas
during which wound healing phase is there a LARGE increase in wound strength
burying beneath skin
do not use _____ preparations for lavage as they are very irritating to tissues
____ solubility means much of the gas dissolves into the blood and tissues
first phase of wound healing
using two or more analgesic drug classes is known as ______ analgesia
maintaining anesthesia using a combination of inhalent and injectable is common in what species?
_______ release factors that initiate wound healing
antiseptic solutions added to lavage must be ______
lavage fluids should be what temp?
if patient is extremely light or deep the vaporizer should be changed in max increments of ___-___%
gravity displacement autoclaving uses __-__psi, ____°F, and ___ min of sterilization, which takes __ total min
unpleasant sensory or emotional experience due to injury, illness, etc.
low solubility = _____ induction/recovery
exaggerated pain sensation
filler separates particles from liquids/gases- physical method of sterilization
The biggest route of exposure to waste gas is ______, either from the patient, filling/emptying vaporizer, or spills
Multimodal anesthesia (reduces or increases) the dose of general anesthetic needed
method of debridement: used for large wounds with substantial trauma and heavy contamination
which has faster recovery, IV or IM?
can we add antibiotics to lavage solutions?
solubility determines the _____ if induction and recovery
absence of pain sensation without loss of consciousness
_ ____ are small, unmyelinated, conduct pain sensation slowly, source of pain is hard to localize, and cause dull and aching or throbbing pain
if patient is slightly light or deep the vaporizer should be changed in increments of ___-___%
destroys microbes without heat- physical method of sterilization
All anesthetic gases are eliminated by ______
Liquid anesthetics with _____ to _____ vapor pressures require precision vaporizers
the source of microorganisms that surgical team can control is ___genous
method of debridement: used for small wounds in areas with loose skin
a higher blood:gas solubility coefficient means (more/less) soluble in blood and tissues
naturally occurring chemicals in the brain are released by neurons in response to pain and provide analgesia, this is what?
does mono or multi filament usually have no memory
amount of force suture can withstand before breaking
_______ enter the wound during granulation
death by protein destruction, susceptibility of microbes varies physical method of sterilization
conversion of chemical, thermal, or mechanical energy into nerve impulses
liquid anesthetics that evaporate easily are considered volatile, do these have a high or low vapor pressure?
Visceral pain sensation is in tissues with ____ numbers of nociceptors and is transmitted by A delta, C, or both fibers?
destroys organisms on living tissue
microbe that causes disease
____ solubility means most of the gas remains as a gas in the alveoli
pathogens/toxins in blood/tissues
This is a measure of anesthetic potency used as a guide to determine adequate concentrations for Sx
complete abscence of organisms
Somatic pain sensation is in tissues with ____ numbers of nociceptors and is transmitted by A delta, C, or both fibers?
destruction of organisms but not spores on an object
all anesthetic gases cause decreased ___ ____ and ____ ___
type of heat sterilization with lower temp for shorter time
type of wound closure: third intention healing, wound sutured closed 3-5 days post injury after granulation bed formed
skin coming open is called _________
which has faster recovery, inhalent or injectable?
this type of suture (braided/monofilament) has a lower risk of infection
What is the calculation for medium depth anesthesia? ____ X ____
A lower MAC number means a gas is ____ potent than another with a higher number
method of debridement: used for minimally contaminated wounds and as an adjunct to surgical debridement
perception of pain
The prupose of lavage is to ____ and _____ bacteria, blood, and irritating fluids or solids
______ within the blood clot provides minimal wound strength
To prevent diffusion hypoxia with nitrous oxide we can run a ____ Oxygen flow rate
part 1 of repair phase: ________ tissue forms
which autoclave type is better?
____ ______ is the amount of liquid anesthetic that will evaporate at 20°C/68°F
what is it that contracts and pulls skin inward during the wound contraction part of the repair phase
third phase of wound healing
type of wound closure: contraction and epithelialization, granulation tissue fills defect, needs loose skin
nerve impulses travel along sensory neurons from peripheral tissue to spinal cord and then to brain, this is what?
hypertonic lavage fluids can cause _______
type of wound closure: wound sutured 1-3 days post injury, require cleaning and debridement, wounds 6-8 hrs old
Place in correct order: A. transmission, B.modulation, C.perception, D.transduction
tendency of a gas to dissolve in the blood and tissues
steps taken to prevent contamination of the surgical site by infectious agents
To prevent inhaling waste gas you should stay _ feet from the patients nose
The one major disadvantage of sevo and iso is that there is no what?
This type of disinfectant has no residual effect
sensory nerve endings continuously fire pain signals, these travel to spinal cord and increase firing of SC neurons
Type of surgical drain that is thick-walled, one end is in body cavity while other is attached to suction device
tissues should be kept _____ to prevent dessication
type of antiseptic with long residual time of ~2 days
The most common gas used for sterilization
type of wound closure: 'first intention healing', sutured or grafted soon after injury, fresh clean wound
_ _____ _____ are large, myelinated, conduct sensation of pain rapidly, source of pain is easily localized, and cause sharp discrete pain
fourth phase of wound healing
pain that results from a non-injurious stimulus
this nonadherent primary bandage layer is used for moderately to copiously exudative wounds, must be changed often

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