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what class of anesthetic is guaifenesin?
this is the main drug used for euthanasia
what class of tranquilizer is Diazepam?
what class of tranquilizer is Xylazine?
what class of tranquilizer is Zolazepam?
major side effects of these include: resp depression, hypersensitivity to sounds, physical dependence, potent pain relief, sedation, restraint, vomiting, hypotension, decreased hea
this is a narcotic agonist/antagonist used in small animals and horses with colic
which barbiturate is milky white color and expensive?
drugs that reduce the perception of pain without loss of conciousness are ______
The most common benzodiazepine tranquilizer is ______
what class of anesthetic is ketamine?
lidocaine, proparacaine, mepivacaine, and bupivacaine are all what type of drug?
this is found primarily in pain regulating areas of the brain and is responsible for analgesia, euphoria, resp. depression, and hypothermic action
Name the most common CNS stimulant that is given IV to stimulate respiration in anesthetized dogs, cats, and horses
two main types of ultra short acting barbiturates are what?
what class of anesthetic is methohexital?
this is an anesthetic that burns when given IM
barbiturates that last 1-2 hours are ______ acting
This drug is a skeletal muscle relaxant, doesn't cause unconsciousness, is used as an induction agent, and is primarily used in horses
barbiturates that last 10-30 minutes are ____ acting
atropine and glycopyrrolate are what?
this drug is shipped as a powder and reconstituted shortly before being used
a drug used to transition the patient from conciousness to unconsciousness is called an _____ ____
major side effects in CNS stimulants are usually seen in ______
what class of tranquilizer is Atipamezole?
ruminants are extremely sensitive to what class of tranquilizer
what class of tranquilizer is Tolazoline?
what class of tranquilizer is Detomidine?
diazepam, phenobarbital, primidone, and potassium bromide are ______
narcotic or opioid analgesics attach to ____ receptors in the brain
this drug is given for seizures in emergency situations
what are the major classes of tranquilizers and sedatives? (leave spaces between, no commas, and list in alphabetical order)
what class of tranquilizer is Yohimbine?
another name for the parasympathetic nervous system
do not use phenothiazine if an animal is in ____
does reducing the seizure threshold mean that the animal will have less of a chance of seizing?
this is the single most common side effect of alpha 2 agonists (it ALWAYS happens)
this narcotic agonist is used in transdermal patches
This class of tranquilizer has the following major effects: profound calming, ataxia in lg animals, recumbency in small animals, profound analgesia, and muscle relaxation
respiratory and cardiac depression, perivascular necrosis, and temporary excitement prior to unconciousness are major side effects of what?
this is metabolized in the liver to phenobarbital
the following are what: meperidine, morphine, oxymorphone, buprenorphine
This tranquilizer drug burns when given IM, and is the drug of choice in emergency seizuresthis drug also reacts with plastic so cannot be left in a plastic syringe for prolonged amounts of time
which type of barbiturate is used in thin or fat animals?
barbiturates that last 4-8 hours are _______ acting
what class of anesthetic is thiamylal?
what class of tranquilizer is Midazolam?
what class of anesthetic is teletamine/zolazepam?
tranquilizers and sedatives are used for _____ effect on patients
Major effects of this class of tranquilizers include muscle relaxation, calming, decreased seizure activity, appetite stimulation in anorexic cats
this drug has to be used very carefully, it has a very narrow therapeutic index, long half-life, and can only be used alone in dogs, in other animals it is used with phenobarbital
this is the drug of choice for long term seizure control
what class of tranquilizer is Acepromazine?
what class of anesthetic is thiopental?
what is fentanyl
what class of tranquilizer is Dexmedetomidine?
can propofol be reused throughout the week?
this class of tranquilizers has several major side effects including reducing the seizure threshold, hypotension, and penile prolapse in stallionsminor side effects include protrusion of the third eyelid
This class of drug is biotransformed in the liver, highly protein bound, and varies in duration of action
this is a preanesthetic, prevents bradycardia, and decreases salivation
caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine are ____
naloxone, nalorphine, and naltrexone are _______
this is a naturally occurring narcotic used to treat severe pain
these animals are overly sensitive to alpha 2 agonists
what class of anesthetic is propofol?
This class of tranquilizer has almost no side effects and is very safe to use, even in old, ill, or traume patients
how many major classes of tranquilizers and sedatives are there?
tramadol is a ____
calming, reducing anxiety, mental relaxation, and antiemetic effects are major effects of what class?
what class of tranquilizer is Chlorpromazine?
This class of tranquilizer has the following major side effects: bradycardia, vomiting, aerophagia, decreased GI tone
what is the ingredient in chocolate that is toxic in large amounts in dogs?
hepatotoxicity, PU/PD, and CNS depression or anxiety are side effects of long term ______
codeine is a____
this type of anesthetic has these major side effects: seizures during induction and recovery, exaggerated reflexes, muscle rigidity (esp. in cats), and delirious recovery (head bob
anticholinergic drugs inhibit the actions of _____

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