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required on bottle or not? (y or n) controlled substance status
protects drug from harm and improves stability
drugs produced by other companies after the exclusive rights expire
injectable drug- prolonged absorption, solid forminserted under skin, lasts months
what does DEA stand for?
drug suspended in solvent and packaged under pressure
given to ensure safety and efficacy of drug
required on bottle or not? (y or n) address of manufacturer
powdered drug put inside gelatin
drug suspended in powder for external use
what is it called when water or other liquid is added just prior to injection?
required on bottle or not? (y or n) drug concentration
powdered drug compressed into the shape of a capsule
drug in suspension or solutiondabbed or dripped onto skin without rubbing
injectable drug container- glass bottle with rubber stoppermulti-dose or single-dose
powdered drug compressed into diskscan be coated with glossy sugar compund
required on bottle or not? (y or n) withdrawal time
required on bottle or not? (y or n) drug quantity
drug dissolved in sweetened alcoholused for drugs that won't dissolve in water
special covering over the powdered drug to protect it from stomach acids
drug dissolved in water and sugarused to cover unpleasant taste
drug in oil base that is rubbed into the skintopical
required on bottle or not? (y or n) Rx or not
which agency places drugs into schedules?
required on bottle or not? (y or n) generic drug name
composed of plant or animal partsex: thyroid supplements
semisolid topical application made of drug + oil and waterwater evaporates leaving drug + oil
type of suspension with one liquid dispersed throughout another in small dropletsdrug + liquid fat or oil
required on bottle or not? (y or n) warnings/side effects
injectable drug- prolonged absorption, liquid formgives sustained effective drug concentration (lasts for wks)
drug dissolved in a liquiddoes not settle out or precipitate
must be on bare skin to work, usually on ventral abdomen- skin shaved first
required on bottle or not? (y or n) expiration date
required on bottle or not? (y or n) instructions
semisolid topical application used on skin and eyes
name telling chemical composition of a drug
you must follow the ____ instructions on the label for the expiration date to be valid
concise name for a specific chemical compound
powdered drug is mixed with sugar and a flavoringmakes tablet soft and chewable
required on bottle or not? (y or n) trade drug name
used by manufacturer to know exact date and time of production
unique name given by manufacturer
required on bottle or not? (y or n) name of manufacturer
powdered drug in a hard candy type tabletnot used in veterinary medicines
semisolid or jellylike suspension
required on bottle or not? (y or n) lot number
drug dissolved in alcoholtopical
Which two forms of drug are often scored to easily break into pieces?____ and ____
drug particles are 'suspended' but not dissolved in liquidsettles out, must be shaken before use
drug strength is usually expressed in:
combining drugs to form a 'new' drug is called drug ______
placed into rectum where they slowly dissolvelimited use in vet medicine
semisolid oral, keeps form at body tempused more in lg animals than small
injectable drug container- single use, entirely glass containersmust break glass neck to access drug
required on bottle or not? (y or n) chemical name

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