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When using an anticestodal will we see worm segments in the stool after treatment?
insect growth regulators, topical and environmental sprays
Are ELISA snap tests used to diagnose cats with heartworm disease?
What breed is more sensitive to avermectins?
What adulticide kills heartworm adults?
One possible microfilaricide is
technical name for fluke
This tapeworm requires 2 hosts: a definitive carnivore and an intermediate herbivore, humans are a dead end host
insect growth regulators, topical and premise sprays
term for a drug that kills various kinds of wormsmost affect nervous system
this type of antinematodal is toxic to animals and people
term for a drug that treat infections by protozoa
technical name for roundworm
Congestive heart failure is the usual cause of death in ___ with heartworm.(what species)
The hard 'shell' of insects is called
name a topical heartworm treatment
If a dog is sensitive to ivermectin what else can we use as a microfilaricide?
This anticestodal does not kill Echinococcus
Benzimidazole that is also an antifungal
What does a vermicide do to worms?
Name one drug that is a tetrahydropyrimidine
What antiprotozoal vaccine is used in some dogs?
What is the route of the heartworm adulticide used in heartworm positive dogs?
What are the two antiprotozoal drugs that are also antibiotics?
Which heartworm product also kills fleas, ear mites, and magne mites
The antidote for amitraz is
What do we need to get rid of to prevent reinfection with tapeworms?
are liver or lung flukes more common in cattle?
This drug is a probenzimidazole metabolized to benzimidazole
loss of motor control, vision, visual reflexes, and coma are signs of ________ toxicity
Do insect growth regulators kill adults?
What should a vet tech do to an animal that has an organophosphate/carbamate overdose?what do we DO, not what do we give
what do we use as a microfilaricide in dogs, single dose
This type of antinematodal works by inhibiting the neurotransmitter glutamate that causes paralysis and death of worms, does not cross the BBB, and comes as oral, SQ, and topical
monthly topical used for tick and flea prevention, insect neurotoxin, doesn't bind mammalian GABA receptors
what flukes are more common in cats and dogs?
What should be given to to an animal that has an organophosphate/carbamate overdose? name the drug we give
The most common treatment for Giardia is
This type of antinematodal paralyzes parasites, expels nematodes, is very safe, and has few side effects
technical name for tapeworm
term for a drug that treat infections of tapeworms
This is what usually causes the death of cats from heartworm disease
Flea _____ feed on pregnant tapeworm segments and the tapeworm larvae enter animals when the flea ____ the animals
What is the name of the tapeworm that has a flea as part of it's life cycle
What is the longer acting heartworm preventative that is given as a single injection that lasts 6 months
Toxoplasma is a protozoan that is also a coccidia, name two more protozoans that are also coccidia
Taenia spp. has what animal as a major intermediate host?
Name an organophosphate drug
what do we use amitraz to treat?
This type of antinematodal paralyzes parasites, is not ovacidal, and expels nematodes within 24 hours
Products made from chrysanthemum flowers are
term for a drug that inhibits the growth of coccidia
Name an antitrematodal
Name one benzimidazole
term for a drug that treat infections of flukes
Name an Avermectin drug
synthetic form of pyrethrin
these should not be given with Organophosphates or Carbamates
Name one drug that is an imidazothiazole
Name an anticestodal that can be oral or IM, but burns if given IM
This anticestodal only gets Taenia
This antinematodal is available OTC, works against ascarids, effects the nervous system of parasites, and results in expulsion of intact worms
Systemic drug used for prevention of fleas and ticks, begins killing fleas in 30 minutes
How long after administeering adulticide to a dog should it be kept inactive?
Which antitrematodal is available OTC and is used for liver flukes in cattle, it is combined with ivermectin
Name an antiprotozoal drug
term for a drug that treat infections of roundworms
What does a vermifuge do to worms?
This is a newer antinematodal that is applied topically, absorbed systemically, works on the CNS of worms, and is used in cats
Antinematodal type that interferes with energy metabolism of worm, has low toxicity, and may rarely have liver toxicity side effects in dogsall in this class are oral
Newer insecticide that affects flea CNS, in dogs can be combined with amitraz for tick control

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