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_____ acting antitussives reduce cough by sootihng irritated mucosa and are lozenges or syrups, so not used in vet med
_____ is a pure beta 1 and beta 2 bronchodilator
_____ acting antitussives reduce cough by suppressing cough center, we use these in vet med
_______ cough is a dry, hacking cough with no mucus
name one of the centrally acting, nonnarcotic antitussives
resp stimulant used to reverse xylazine overdose
selective beta 2 adrenergic bronchodilator, used to treat bronchoconstriction (wheezes, coughing), admin prior to fluticasone or prn
this nervous system kicks in when sleeping
relieve nasal congestion
resp stimulant used for narcotic overdose
mucolytic drug given by nebulization, also used for acetominophen toxicity in cats
this bronchodilator class inhibits the enzyme that causes brinchconstriction
histamine is released from ____ cells
____ _____ in brainstem coordinates the resp muscles involved in producing a forceful cough (component of cough reflex)
expectorant drug
antitussives are used with a productive/nonproductive cough
binding of histamine to receptors near the bronchiolar smooth muscle causes
____ blocks beta 1 and 2 and alpha 1 receptors and is used only in emergencies
smallest airways in lungs are the ______
these liquefy and dilute mucus by stimulating resp cells to produce more liquid
___ _____ along the resp tract send electrical impulses to the brain (component of cough reflex)
another name for benadryl
synthetic steroid, inhaled, 18x more potent than dexamethasone, minimal side effects, response may take 1-2 weeks
this nervous system kicks in when running or fighting
contraction of smooth muscle surrounding bronchioles causes ______
_____ are used to reduce inflammation, do'nt use them if microbial infection is present
these break down mucus and reduce its viscosity so cilia can move it out of the resp tract
expectorants are used with a productive/nonproductive cough
these are used to eliminate infections
this is found in chocolate and causes tachycardia and arrhythmias
drugs that block the cough reflex to reduce coughing
vet approved beta 2 agonist product for horses
name one of the centrally acting, narcotic antitussives
resp stimulant used in neonates post c-section or dystocia, used during anesthesia
this drug class combines with acetylcholine receptors of the bronchioles resulting in relaxation of the bronchioles
_______ cough is when animal coughs up mucus and other inflammatory debris
are beta 1 or 2 agonists preferred?
appetite stimulant in cats, also an antihistamine
Temaril P is composed of ______ and ______

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