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Stimulation of cholinergic receptors _____ the heart rate
Vasodilator drugs only work using a single mechanism, the other mechanisms eventually compensate for the drug and hypertension reoccurrs, this is known as vasodilator _______,
topical hemostatic used after dehorning
increased heart rate
synthetic drug class that blocks acetylcholine and is used during sedation and anesthesia
During depolarization, _______ rapidly flows in
What adrenergic receptors are located within the heart muscle and conduction system?
This hemostatic drug is used to treat heparin overdose
name an erythropoietic agent
decreased platelet numbers is called __________
The process of the body gradually reducing the number of beta-receptors available is known as
The T wave is when the heart is a) depolarizing or b) repolarizing?
During repolarization, _______ channel is closed
Sodium enters _____ cells faster than normal, so these may drive the beat of the heart
term for something that can lyse a blood clot
T or F, beta blockers should be stopped by slowly weaning off
these drugs aid in clotting
drugs that increase the force of heart contraction are called _____ _______
body's natural chemicals released by the sympathetic nervous system, only used in emergencies for cardiac resuscitation and anaphylactic reactions
These work in 1 of 3 ways, by relaxing smooth muscle in walls, blocking alpha 1 receptors, or blocking the renin-angiotensin system
Activation of the ventricles is shown by what on an ECG?
Ventricular ______ degenerates to ventricular fibrillation
These block the flow of calcium into the cardiac muscle cell, slowing contraction; used in atrial tach, fibrillation, and flutter
During depolarization, _______ slowly flows in
What adrenergic receptors are located in the smooth muscle of the bronchioles, coronary blood vessels, and skeletal muscle blood vessels?
Parasympathetic nerve endings release ______ near the SA node
_______ agents increase the production of RBCs
This is readily absorbed through skin and MM, is given as a topical cream and patch applied to hairless areas, and should be handled with gloves as it can lower your BP if absorbed
A series of rapid irregular contractions of the ventricles
oral sodium influx inhibitor with the fewest GI side effects
long term control of bradycardia is accomplished by use of a ________
A group of damaged muscle cells, allowing sodium leakage into the cell more rapidly than normal, is called an _____ ____
During depolarization, _______ channel is closed
decreased heart rate
sodium influx inhibitor drug of choice to treat VPCs and v tach in an emergency, use IV only, cats are more sensitive to toxicity
This anticoagulant is used to lyse thrombi within blood vessels, it 'chews up' clots
Stimulation of Alpha 1 receptors causes contraction of smooth muscle in ______ blood vessels causing increased/decreased blood in areas that don't need it
These prevent conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II, prevent production of aldosterone, and prevent vasoconstriction and reduce water retention
The resting state of the heart is also called the _______ period
Activation of the atria shows on what on an ECG?
ventricular fibrillation degenerates to ______
Which receptor type is associated with the sympathetic nervous system?
These block the Na-K pump, resulting in more Ca staying in cell for contraction, increasing the strength of contraction
drugs that decrease heart rate at the SA node
Which receptor type is associated with the parasympathetic nervous system?
more beta 1 receptors are produced to compensate for the blocking action of beta blockers, this is known as _______
Depolarization is the flow of ions ____ cardiac cells
topical hemostatic used to stop bleeding toenails
decrease the rate of sodium entry into damaged heart muscle cells, used to treat ventricular arrythmias in emergencies, during anesthesia, and long term (PVC's, v tach, v fib)
A single abnormal ventricular contraction
sympathetic nerve endings release ______ and _____ near the SA node
Stimulation of Beta 1 receptors increases/decreases heart rate and force of contraction
The normal heart rhythm is driven by the ______.
Atrial and ventricular _______ are rapidly fatal if not treated
drugs that decrease the force of heart contractions are called _____ ______
The recovery period is shown by what on an ECG?
The nerve associated with the parasympathetic system is the _____ nerve
Stimulation of Beta 2 receptors causessmooth muscle ______ resulting in broncho_________ and vaso________of blood vessels to heart and muscles
A series of rapid irregular contractions of the atria
Stimulation of adrenergic receptors _____ the heart
vasodilators increase/decrease blood pressure
Cardiac Disease can result in ____ _____
blood clots are called _____
drugs that increase heart rate at the SA node
Name one drug used to prevent blood clots
The SA node is located in the ____ _____ of the heart.
Repolarization is the flow of ions ____ cardiac cells
During repolarization, _______ flows out
Parenteral hemostatic drug used to treat bleeding disorders and rodenticide poisoning
What beta receptors do we want to block with beta blockers?
When a cardiac muscle cell is stimulated by an electrical impulse, it _________ and _______
Name the two types of receptors in the heart.
topical hemostatic used after surgical procedures
The P wave and QRS complex are when the heart is a) depolarizing or b) repolarizing?

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