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This organ secretes many hormones and is the 'master' of the endocrine system
T or F, be sure to vigorously shake insulin before administering to ensure even distribution of contents
how many units of insulin are in 1 mL?
mineralocorticoids are produced by the what?
this pituitary gonadotropin stimulates follicular growth and estrus
name one pancreatic endocrine hormone that helps regulate blood sugar
which pancreatic endocrine hormone acts when blood sugar is high to assist uptake and use of glucose by cells for energy as well as storing extra in the liver as glycogen
diabetes mellitus is caused by damage to what organ?
this type of diabetes insipidus occurs when renal tubules lose the ability to respond to ADH/vasopressin
insulin should be kept in the freezer, fridge, or medicine cabinet?
term for addisons caused by sudden stop of steroid administration
hyperthyroid usually affects what species?
T or F, different types of insulin require different syringes
one symptom of a hypothyroid dog
do we want to spare cox 1 or cox 2 when using nsaids?
What type is insulin dependant diabetes mellitus?
this drug is used to induce ovulation in mares
These are used to maintain pregnancy, delay estrus, or synchronize estrus
This is a substance made by glands that enter the bloodstream and produce some effect on a target organ
what is the primary mineralocorticoid?
This treats follicular cysts in cows and increases ovulation
the diet chosen to assist tx of diabetes mellitus is ___ in CHO, ____ in protein, and ____ in fiber (low/high)
The oral type of insulin is called ________
this hormone controls metabolic rate
____ acting insulin is used in emergencies
this is used to prevent unwanted pregnancy; used as a mismating injection in dogs
which pancreatic endocrine hormone acts if blood sugar is too low and promotes breakdown of liver glycogen to glucose
the most common reason for diabetes insipidus is what?
odors released by animals that affect how other animals of same species act
Should the patient eat before or after being given insulin?
insulinomas, insulin overdoses, or newborns not eating are all causes of _____glycemia
term for metabolic rate that is too fast
this is needed in the diet to produce thyroxine
This hormone concentrates urine
cushings dz is _____adrenocorticism
these are used to terminate pregnancy, or synchronize/induce estrus, they occur naturallyin many tissues or are available as synthetics
catecholamines are produced in the adrenal _____
this NSAID is particularly toxic to cats
hypothyroid usually affects what species?
Name a drug that is used to treat hyperadrenocorticism
Addison's Dz is ____adrenocorticism
insulin is secreted by the ___________
_____ is the blood sugar level we want when testing an animal
steroids are produced in the adrenal ____
lack of pancreatic insulin or cells unable to respond to insulin is ____glycemia
natural hormone released at the end of gestation, causes uterine contractions during birth and induces milk letdown
this pituitary gonadotropin induces follicular ovulation
oral insulin treats type _____ diabetes mellitus
this type of diabetes insipidus is caused by insufficient production or secretion of ADH/vasopressin
which type is non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus?

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