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class of protozoa containing the flagellatesex: giardias, trichomonas
class of protozoa containing the ciliated protozoaex: balantidium
class of platyhelminthes, contains tapewormsex: taenias
phylum that contains only one parasitic species for animals, the thorny-headed worm of pigs
class of arthropoda containing about 3/4 of the known species of animalsex: flies, fleas, lice
What are the taxonomic classes, in order?note: put one space between each word
name one of the kit systems used for fecal flotation
class of protozoa containing the sporulated protozoaex: coccidia, cryptosporidia, toxoplasma
major phylum containing worms that are roundwormsex: ascarids, hookworms, heartworms
major phylum containing insects and arachnids
nasal flies and bots use what method of infection
the most common method of parasite infection is
class of platyhelminthes, contains flukesex: liver and lung flukes
major phyla containing the flatworms, tapeworms, and flukes
class of arthropoda containing spiders, ticks, and mites
major phyla containing single-celled organisms
A scientific name consists of what two parts?note: answer is _____ and _____
parasites are most vulnerable when ____ the host
kingdom containing bacteria and other infectious causes of disease
one adaptation parasites use for feeding
name one attachment device used by parasites
a fetus being infected from the mother uses what method of infectionex: many roundworms
class of protozoa containing amoebas
true or false: when we start treating the disease, the parasite is well-established
which part of the scientific name is capitalized

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