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spasmolytic used with large and small animal anesthesia
spasmolytic used for urethral obstruction from external sphincter tone, malignant hyperthermia, or postanesthetic myositis in horses
what is the depolarizing nmbd
non-depolarizing nmbd's are reversed by ________ drugs
these are used to increase muscle mass, are all controlled, and increase appetite
this anabolic steroid also increases erythropoiesis
this is a long lasting anabolic steroid
this anticholinesterase drug is used to treat rumen atony
can't use anabolic steroids in these animals
name one non-depolarizing nmbd
spasmolytic used with intervertebral disc dz and back trauma
nmbd stands for
these nmbd's cause muscle 'twitching' followed by paralysis
these nmbd's cause muscle paralysis without fasciculations
this anticholinesterase is used in dx and tx of myasthenia gravis
nmbd's cause muscle ______
example of an anabolic steroid
this neurotransmitter controls muscle contraction
name an anticholinesterase drug
these help stop muscle spasms that occur due to neorological or muscle disorders

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