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preferred form of restraint
A view of the rear limb below the tarsus with the beam entering from the cranial side should have what label?
T or F: Collars should be left on the animal to more easily hold on to them
in ML or LM views, the marker should be placed on the _____ aspect
This instrument is used to measure the area being radiographed
minimum number of views for thorax when dz present
superimposed ribs occur if the _____ is level with the _____
The first letter in the positioning abbreviation designates where the x-ray beam (enters/exits) the body
when above the carpus / tarsus what two terms can be used to describe the view of a limb if not medial-lateral or lateral-medial
in lateral views R/L marker is pleced to match the side (up/down)
When placing a marker on a cassette for craniocaudal views, it should be placed on the _____ aspect of the extremity
minimum number of views needed in most animals
_______ is the term for sizing the x-ray beam to the area of interest
A view of the front limb below the carpus with the beam entering from the cranial side should have what label?
The area of interest should be (closest / farthest) from the film

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